"There is no one better to be a role model for our Chuukese kids than ourselves. There is no one better to create the space and to protect that space than ourselves."
Rose Tiweyang
Uman, Fonou



Meeting for the 1st time

Good morning, tirow pwan fairo, ifagalz valued readers, followers and guests. Before proceeding, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the man above for all he has done for me, my family and our community. We continue to ask for his guidance and his help, especially to protect us all from all that is happening in our lives, especially with the pandemic and now all these fires. And please stay safe out there.


Our Values

Meeting for the 1st time

It’s true we live in challenging times, as the COVID19 is wreaking havoc and disproportionately affecting our people, but we must also acknowledge the resiliency of our people. It is incumbent upon us to understand the issues facing our community and how to address them the way we know how. It’s more challenging because of our communal values, but I remain hopeful as we are a very adaptable people that can tweak our ways to protect and sustain our livelihoods. 

It is both a pleasure and a privilege to meet my sisters from the First Chuukese Washington Women Association (FCWWA), Ritae and Tripple and others. It was even more of an honor to host their meeting in my backyard. I must say I learned a lot of things and appreciated all the passion and dedication these ladies have.



The honor and privilege is all mine to introduce you to the newly revamped and updated website for the First Chuukese Washington Women Association (FCWWA). I got to thank my husband, Cal, for connecting me to this group and especially for giving up so much of his time to design, create and manage the website for our organization. Please visit the website at www.fcwwa.org.

When my husband introduced and asked that I join the FCWWA, I didn’t know what to make of it. But sitting in the first meeting I ever attended brought me to appreciate all the work we have to take as a group. It opens up my mind to the many challenges, UNIQUELY CHUUKESE I must add, that we must address together.

From Left, Tripple and beautiful daughter and Ritae


Motherly love

Chuukese for Chuukese

There are many different challenges facing our Chuukese community everywhere, and as a mother of 5 and having lived here for 20 years now, I know too well the struggles we all face living this far away from the comfort of our islands. I also know, there is no one better to advocate for our community than our own Chuukese. There is no one better to be a role model for our Chuukese kids than ourselves. There is no one better to create the space and to protect that space than ourselves. We, as the mothers of our Chuukese Everything, have to be the advocate, the role model, the creator and protector of our space. It is a mother’s love. 

Visit our website

Praise the lord, for he has led me to join hands with my fellow sisters, Ritae, T-Ann, Resa and others. Kinisou chapur

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