Humble Beginnings

Good morning ifagalz valued readers, and followers. “What’s on your mind?” I guess it’s fitting that we use that phrase as a means to get things across.

Slept late last night and woke up at the usual moment, 3 a.m local time. Lots on my mind indeed.

Thanks to this medium, I am here talking to myself. Not necessarily though because on my right is a Creative PC Bose Speaker entertaining me with the song below, ese wor efoch key from above cloud 9. From somewhere the mind wonders… ika met?

“Ese wor efoch key, epwe nampa ngeni, no-kun tongom me rei… Nengeni ngang upwene tur, tu turungaw fanitom. E papw pusin nom non nemeniom ngenei. A kan iei…. Waioooooo. Ewer oh.

Not sure where this song is coming from exactly but I have a guess in my mind, no doubt.

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This morning, there’s a lot of anticipation and excitement on my mind. I am tracking a shipment making its way in from central Cali and getting ready to help my boy move into his dorm for his 2nd year. 

Plus, our family unexpectedly expanded in an instant to include 3 more beautiful kids (in Micronesian terms). It’s a change that I do love and willingly accept. 

This is where we reflect on what’s important in our lives as adults, as Micronesians, as Non-Immigrants in America, as parents and as humans. 

Everyone that knows me knew me as the, in Chuukese terms, achewenewen guy. This is one of those Chuukese terms that can mean a lot of things, both negative and positive. 

For my own sanity, let’s just say it is a positive perception, and for sure I have some lingering doubts. Hehehehe. A dude that says it straight to your face, whether it hurts your feelings or not is a pretty scary uncle if you ask me. Hahahahaha. Reminded me of one of my own… It’s in the blood. 

So poor sister I had. The very first thing I conveyed was that I am not a fan of letting kids stay with others beside the biological parents. 

No obligation is more greater than taking care of a child, and no one should take it lightly nor expect a better outcome than being raised by biological parents. 

Then I reminded them that my niece, her husband and my nephew are no longer kids and can stay with us with the understanding that I, as an achewenewen uncle, tell them like it is. 

Then I threw out a few English words; Adversity, Consistency and Planning (ACP). 

I told the kids that Adversity is what gives you an identity. It tests your limits or tolerance to a point of either giving in, walking away or taking it on. If you give in to Adversity, then what holds you back from giving up on a marriage, a job, a livelihood, or yourself. In other words, it gives you a chance to figure out what kind of person you will be. One who simply give in to pressures, walk away from conflicts and let it remain unresolved, give up and be a homeless, or get back up and do better. 

Consistency is when you stay the course even in the face of adversity. Especially when you’re questioning yourself or others are doubting you. Stay the course, the beautiful island is up ahead beyond the horizon. Better days are ahead. And the trees you planted even when everyone gave in to the drought is going to bear fruits soon. Stay the course!

Did your co-workers complain about the boss this morning? Did the boss yell at you for dropping the plates? Did a customer give you a bad rating? Did you not reach 1,000 subscribers yet on your ifagalz youtube channel? All these type of situations can cause you to simply give up the many years of hard work and divert you away from staying the course. So be wise on how you react. 

Planning is my favorite word. Why? Because it’s the only thing that I know we’re not sharing with other mammals of the animal kingdom. The knowledge that we know there will be a tomorrow. So we make plans for it. 

The best time to move from Longview to Seattle, from Kansas to Seattle, or from Guam to Dallas is in either February, March or April. Why? Because that’s when income tax refunds are out! There’s money for the move.

If anyone tracked my movement as a nomad, from the year 2000 until my previous last two, they would noticed that I made moves during these months. Hahahahaha. Gave up my held secret. lol. 

Last but not the least, always remember where it all began. In a thatch roof hut with ONE bedroom that everyone shares. 

And so I leave you with such an excitement that I have a new adventure of helping my niece and her husband as well as my nephew plot a new course. 

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