What can we do about our future leaders who are still in school now? This is our good future if we are looking into helping our students now. What happen today is no one is there for this student to help them out. This means NO MAN IS AVAILABLE TO HELP.

Pls help us with this concern.

Yes, Yes, Our students needs a lot of help in terms of mentoring, commitment, dedication and encouragement but not limited to financial needs. Here recently, I can see that we are down in the abyssal hole, and not oriented in the academic world view.

Us in the islands, our students performance is downhill. No support from parents, community, and the staff as well. Most of us men are talking to ourself about not committed to what we are doing in the schools as well as in the community. There are few students that are trying their very best to tackle only what is on hand now but no vision to see what are the outcomes of what they are actually doing.

The students are very proud of themselves as grown up students but not on what they are accomplishing. So, who and what  is the problem here?

Here in Yap Colonia, The students who are taking classes in the schools are looking down at the tip of their toes for they are in despair for their education in the coming days ahead of them when graduated from the schools. This problem in Yap, who will take care of them when in terms of their educational pursuit. This are some very frightening issues the students are having as their nightmares over their idea of schooling….

Can we share some possible suggestion on how to come up with some good plan for our students future educational pursuit plan of action.

Thank you very much for your time.

Henry Yangireitig

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