Trip to Guam

Visiting Guam was the best thing I did last summer. Lots of things to reminiscence about. Beautiful place indeed. Lots of memories from my years of living on Guam came back to me on this trip. And lots more created throughout my two short weeks of stay.

It was 16 years prior that I was on this beautiful island and boy did it changed. The one thing noticeable which I wasn’t prepared for was how many family members have relocated and lived on Guam and how many more have grown to become contributors to

Alupang Beach Tower, Agana Bay
Yours Truly with the FestPac 2016 Kiribas Dancing Troupe
Rosie, Lolo, Jun, BK and Wiwi @ Ypao Beach

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At the dock in Seattle, Washington. 

About 400 Tuna Fish Left

Was sleeping and Chaz texted and woke me up! Chaz, see what you did? On a peaceful sunday? Hahaha. Not really. I was just surfing all morning long. Chaz was inquiring about the location of St. Jude and he found it. I am sure he got himself tuna and enjoyed a bowl of sashimi under that beautiful afternoon sun. 

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CONGRATULATIONS to His Excellency, Ambassador Akillino Susaia, DCM Jackson Soram and their wonderful team at the FSM EMBASSY DC office on the LAUNCHING of their new website, Please take some time to visit their website and learn the features that they have. 

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The Fijians brothers are here in Seattle and they brought lots of TUNA!

Tuna from the South Pasifik. Yes. They brought tuna from the South Pasifik. And many people might have been scared away thinking of that very very long line last year, so it is a perfect chance for you and your whole clan, whole village, whole island to walk straight up to the ship and get tuna of all sizes. The best thing is, it’s still that same cheap price of $3.50 per pound. 

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