Sands with a twist

hello guys and Happy Easter. Hope this article finds you in good health and high spirit.

A lot is going on right now in this year of covid19. As for myself, stopped Ubering for a while now, spending my time finishing up some projects that were on hold. 

Sanbox /ifaFonou Beach taking shape

In addition to working on projects, I babysat for my grandkids because their parents are all considered essential workers which means they must report to work. 

Yesterday while outside, I took the above picture without thinking too much of it. But while looking through my photos, and seeing the picture,  I realized my grands were really enjoying playing in that sand. 

As a grandfather, I immediately went to my designing board and started drawing up a plan for a new sandbox so my grands can have a better place to play. Especially when we can’t even go to the parks because of this terrible disease that have spread all over the world.

The plan required we dig and make space for the sands and so as soon as the clock showed 8 am, we went to work. We dug and dug until we had enough space for the sands, rocks and gravels. And while digging, my yobo came up with more ideas and what to add to this project.

She now wanted a sprinkler so the kids can enjoy rain while playing in the sand during the warm summer months. In addition, she wanted me to lay pipes for our future projects which may include a sink or two. 

It took us all morning to dig and prep the area for the sands but we made a huge mistake by not going to the hardware stores in the early part of the day. When we finally got there, to the hardware store, there was a very very long line of people trying to get inside, all due to this covid19 situation. 

Our store ran out of sands so we had to take a longer trip to get some, wasting too much time in the process, not to mention waiting in line. We finally got everything we needed plus 15 – 50 lb bags of sand which was way way less than what we needed. It’s a good start though. 

I am working on a video of this project, so please check out our youtube channel for more.

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