Jun celebrating with his team, the SAC Warriors…

Well, I must confess that I wasn’t really into the little guy’s football so I wasn’t paying too much attention to my son’s team. In fact, I didn’t even watch a game when he was on the Junior Varsity team. My Sister and My wife never missed any of his games so I would only hear about the games from them.

Last night, I decided to finally move my lazy body to go watch his game. And boy, it was fun watching those kids grinding it out on the field. It was a blast. I should have not missed all those other games. Another reason I decided to go was the fact they were playing at my Youngest Daughter’s High School and they have a stadium where I can comfortably sit on the bleaches and watch the game. lol.

The game didn’t start until about 6 pm and it was cold. Lucky for me, I got my Orange Beaver sweatshirt on which blocks out all that cold and the little misty rain there was. Yes, there were a few Beaver Believers in the stands. One of them yell out Go Beavs when she saw me with my full Beaver attire heading into the stadium. Ok, I know enough of the Beaver stuff since I am here to talk about these little guy’s football game.

Well, my son’s team, the Mighty Warriors, being from about 3 to 4 blocks from the High School, they are the home team. And it might as well be because they have more fans and more players than the other team. These kids are really into their games and I enjoyed every minute of it.

There were some unruly parents on the stands too. Every play, they would yell at the coaches, telling them to go relearn football rules. It was fascinating and enjoyable for me to experience.

One thing I noticed too is the fact that the kids on my boy’s team are much bigger than the other team. One of them is maybe just a couple inches shorter than me. These are 8 graders but they are big.

Jun (no. 72) on special team…

The game was fun although it felt from the start that my boy’s team would just blew out the other team and that’s what happened. They scored the first time they had the ball and on defense right after that. And then when the other team got the ball back, they fumbled it right back to the Warriors. It was really a one-sided game. The final score was 49 to 18 which was kinda boring.

Two things I learned. One, the PAT (Point After Touchdown) is not one but two. So if a team made a touchdown and the PAT, the score would be 8 and not 7 as it does in College and Professional football. The second one is that they do never go for the field goal. Not sure if they just didn’t want to do it or it is not allowed in kids football.

One thing I regretted was missing all the game my son played when he was on the Junior Varsity Squad and only watched his last game on the Varsity Squad. I promised that if he decided to play in High School, I would not miss any of his game. I finally understood why my wife and my sister never missed any of his game-it was fun, real fun.

From my perspective, it is really fun to see kids playing and the adults reacting. Sometimes, I am not sure whether the kids are the ones on the field or the ones sitting in the stands. Hehehe. I like watching both Kids-those on the field as well as those in the stands. Hahaha. Parents beware. I will take your videos next time and post them on Youtube to show that you are the real kids.

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