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I am a Yapese boy, yeah? I speak Chuukese, Japanese, English, and Ifalukese. I love the Beavers and hate the Ducks! Sorry Yuckies but I cannot help it. I just have to say it. I am a huge fan of the New England Patriots and also cheering and hoping for the Seahawks to win. I love the Mavs but hate the Rangers. I like the Dallas Stars but annoyed by the Cowboys, especially after they move away from Irving. I want Romo to go! I am wanting to move to Irving but cannot stand the Texas heat. I love everything about Dallas but the weather. I love Seattle but wishing for less rain. But the one thing that top my list is Korean Drama!

I forgot how I got into watching Korean Dramas but it got my attention that sometimes I go without sleep for days so that I can complete my episodes. I have never so hooked on anything before like I am on Korean Drama. Yes, I may have lost in thoughts about things but not like I do on Korean Dramas now. Something about these products that just got me so hooked.

I cannot stand the city of Eugene! That’s just the simple truth. Well, they think they are everything so I may be jealous of that. I love the people though, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t like the fact that the Ducks are from there and they beat us sometimes. Hehehe. I spent two weeks in Eugene in my full Beaver attire while I was in college, and not once a Duck fan would give me a look or anything. They just smile and move on with their business. When I see one in C-Town, it’s a different story and I cannot just stand them. I am not different than my fwens of course so don’t accuse me for anti-social or anything. I am as normal as any Beaver in town. Hehehe.

But I am fan, a big admirer of Eugene! Yes indeed. I am a huge Eugene fan! She is so beautiful and adorable and although is Asian by blood and Korean look, I love the fact that she is an island girl. She is! She grew up on Guam, probably the same time I was having the time of my life serving and driving tourists all over Guam. She reminds me of my days when I was young and energetic and having all the fun in the world. She reminds me of the nights I spent at double reefs, at the Tahiti Rama, and most importantly killing time on the beach at Ypao with friends and associates. The times I spent at the Top of the Reef and the magnificient views down in Tumon Bay. She is everything that brings me down memory lane. Now, she is of course an awesome actress and I cheer her on every single chance I have. Have you watched her latest? I am waiting on episode 31! She may be the reason I am so hooked on Korean Drama. Or is she?

Jumong is my favorite historical drama of all times. It’s an awesome product with amazing twists and fascinating intersections. It kept me up at night. I remembered that whole week when I went without a sleep. I went to work, come home and take a short nap and then back at it again until I went back to work the next day. My boss at one point asked me what’s going on. I told him I was hooked on this Jumong Korean thing and he laughed out loud, I am sure he’s thinking what a Crazy Islander he got in front of him. I couldn’t care less cuz I was into my Jumong. Everything I spoke about was Jumong this and Jumong that. I told my boss to call up the director of that drama and yell at him/her for I cannot stop watching it. Hehehe.

That drama made me laugh, cry, yell and not able to wink a sleep. I was all into it. It was no different for my in-laws whom spent a whole weekend at my place watching the entire drama day and night until they finished it. I thought I was crazy and alone in my love for this drama but boy, do I have company. Hehehe.

For me, I like the fact that Jumong covers everything about life. It covers business opportunities, conflict between lovers, siblings, parents, politicians, leaders, cities and nations. It also covers the best and the worst of humanity, lifestyles and more. It’s simply is the best! That’s exactly what I say. lol

I watched it again and again, especially the episodes that I liked the best. There is one episode that I never watched to this day which I will not say it. It will remain a hidden part or hidden secret. It’s the part that he was tricked by freakin Daiso. Hehehe. I thought I wasn’t going to say it. But then there were many parts where Daiso tricked him in doing something.

King Gwanggaetto is also a favorite one for me. The actor was really good. I liked his courage and love for his people. I wish our politicians are like that. I am sure President Obama is cool too. He has done a lot of good things for America. The economy is finally moving in the right direction. I think he’s probably learning from watching Korean Drama. or is he? Can someone find that out please? Hehehe. Please enjoy your K-drama!

Update: Episode 31 is out. Eugene is as awesome as ever! She told Se Yoon-shii “I do not want to go where the END is so obvious.” That is a very smart thing for her to say, as a common woman coming from a Working Class family. Whyoooooo.

Korean Words that I picked up, hope they are right… Araso, Aigoo, Kuman, bali bali. Soon I will speak Korean too. Hehehe.

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