Let me begin by saying the obvious, the Cowboys were just lucky to win that game last night. Or it may be just a gift from the Saints, trying to play Holy. I will give this one to my fams all over Texas for praying a little extra harder last night.

Life in the business universe in the 4th quarter is as tough as the Saints fought last night. Lots of hustling and bustling trying to put everything out there on the shelves for the loyal customers.

This is the season for OVERTIME! Or at least trying to get into Overtime. Lots of cash to be made and to be spent too. It’s that time where everyone is getting ready for the calmness after the storms.

And if you are a COFA Migrant and lives in the state of Washington or Oregon, this is the season to get enrolled in the COFA Island Health Care. Here is the link to their Washington website, https://www.hca.wa.gov. Or you can reach out to our FSM Consulate in Portland, Oregon.

It’s all great that the State of Washington and Oregon decided to help our citizens afford health care and everything so we must all help these states out by working our butts off out there in the workforce. We must repay them with dedication to the communities we live in and obey their laws to the teeth.

Parents, we must teach our children, yes they may be US citizens but they are still representatives of our COFA NATIONS. Let’s have a chat with them during this Holy season and prep them to represent our nations well into the New Years.

To prep for 2019, I decided not to do anything big this year. No spending on Christmas decorations or fancy gifts. And no day off until the end of the 4th quarter or end of overtime. ALL HANDS ON DECK!

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