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Hello Micronesians, I am sure by now you may have already known that FAS (Freely Associated States) or COFA (Compact of Free Association) citizens are eligible for Medicaid. Awesome! So what’s next?

That is the question I am going to tackle and hopefully help someone to get the benefits Medicaid provides. I will keep this post short to give you time to get out there and apply for it.
The first place I would  recommend is with your local Medicaid office. Visit them and ask how to apply. Hopefully they’re already up to speed with processing of FAS or COFA citizens. You can also go to HEALTHCARE.GOV to do more research and to find out if you or your family qualifies.

Oregon and Washington have their specific programs to help COFA migrants. If you are in Oregon, please CLICK HERE to go to the COFA PREMIUM ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. If you are in Washington State, please CLICK HERE to go to Washington Health Plan Finder.

The important thing is to know that enrollment is ongoing and there are folks in those offices waiting to help.

Here in the state of Washington, we are fortunate to have Roz who is from Guam and the COFA Program Manager with the Healthcare Authority (HCA). She’s been a great partner in working to get our COFA citizens to have access and be enrolled and taken care of. Here’s what she told me when I inquired about the process.

“Hi Cal, we are still enrolling for COFA Islander Programs. We are encouraging people to continue to apply. There’s no deadline. It’s always open. Once our system enhances and updates, we will transition all members enrolled in COFA programs to Medicaid. We anticipate for Summer transition.”

She went on telling me to refer or direct you to apply at wahealthplanfinder.org or call 1-855-923-4633 to enroll. Once you apply and submit your form, it will go directly to her for faster processing.

Please go and apply today.

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