Babe’s Trailblazer is almost done. Everything is installed beside the emblem.

The Grille is in…

Happy Friday Everyone. I hate it when the stories I write on my blogs don’t have an actual end. If you looked carefully, you may find some of the things I write about to be dropped off the cliff and never has an end. Or probably the end is coming… lol.

To finalize the episode on the Micronesian Mechanic and the damn deer that broke the front of my babe’s Trailblazer, here I am tapping away at this keyboard. It is awesome outside, very sunny and warm, here in the State of Washington but for some reason, I have to sit in my room to finalize the deer blog, oops, the Micronesian Mechanic blog.

The last major part arrived today via Fedex, a first for me, on a sunny and warm day. The first thing that came out of my mouth was, “I was waiting for this all day.” The poor dude, the Fedex Driver, responded, “I did my best to get here as fast as I could sir.” I laughed and told him I didn’t mean it the way he inerpreted, I was just hoping that it can get here sooner. He asked me for my initial so I told him it’s CT. He looked at the name on the box then asked me where I am from. I told him I am a Yapese, from Micronesia. He nod in aknowledgement, meaning he knows where that is. As Mr. Curious George, I dig further and asked the dude if he knows where Micronesia is. He laughed and started to tell me a story.

“Oh, I was in the Air Force and in Georgia I saw a group of Micronesians do the fire dance,” he said. I was saying to myself, this dude doesn’t really know what the heck he’s talking about. Then he added, “oh it was some Hawaiians that did the fire dance but the Micronesians were doing some chants that was amazing to hear and to see. I saw the same thing in Korea.” I was like yeah dude, the Micronesians are now all over in the US Military. I jokingly told the guy that sooner or later, Micronesians will be the main protecter of the United States of America. He laughed out loud and told me that he won’t be surprise and that he loved his fellow Micronesian soldiers, no, SOULJAHS… Hahahaha.

My Grand-D and Mechanic receiving the parts…

The poor dude still wanted more convo but I reminded him that the reason I waited too long for the part of babe’s Trailblazer was because he was talking too long with another customer just like he’s doing with me. Hahahaha. He laughed and told me I tricked him and teased him at the same time. He’s a nice dude, a good souljah and an awesome Fedex Driver that got tricked and teased by a mere Micronesian Civilian.

I opened the box right out there and pop the grille into its place. The only missing part is the emblem. Although there is a dent on the hood, that is not something I would worry about. I can fix it when time permits. I am sure babe would love her Trailblazer now that all the parts has been received and installed. I can drink my morning coffee again.:).

Micros, I do not want you to spend all your hard earning money paying a Mechanic that will use some used/junk parts and charge you for new parts. If you can find the time, it’s not too hard to fix the modern vehicles as they come with awesome designs to allow for easy repair. It’s not actually repair, they should be calld replace instead because all you do is take the old ones out and in with the new parts. Nothing too hard about that. In addition, there is youtube where you can find videos on how to replace the exact part you are working on.

Since today is Friday, please get out there and start fixing your vehicle. Stop reading this blog and get out and get it going. I will see you back here tomorrow. Please take care and watch out for the deer. Please no drink and drive and make sure you let the passenger answer the cellphone for you. Until then, take care.

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