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Good Morning beautiful people

Good morning beautiful people. Thanks to the spirit of the Pacific Island Nations, we are awoken to another gorgeous beautiful summer day, inches from the waters of the vast Pacific Ocean. I am literally inches from touching and connecting to our Pacific. We are indeed the Pacific Island peoples. 

No wonder, we are so magnetically attracted to these waters. 

The coffee aroma is giving me a sense of tranquility and the sun rays are telling me it’s going to be another fabulous day. There’s not a piece of cloud anywhere in the sky. It’s just the beautiful sky blue mixed with the golden sun ray colors and you have somewhat of an orange screen filled skyline depicting all that is the state of Oregon and home to the Beavers. lol. There’s no other bird or animal more apparent/appealing when in the state of Oregon but them Beavers. 

Beaver Fanatic!

Remathau Tribe

“Nemin kineto mo sipwe komochupou. Pun sipwe pwari ach tong fengen.” Whyoo. Can’t let go of these beautifully crafted songs by our very own Chuukese artists. And that reminds me of my brothers Xavier X. Fethal and Pat Martinez. These gentlemen are a beacon of everything Micronesian. Or may I say, everything Remathau! Remathau has deeper meanings than the simpleness of our minds and am hoping that the young Remathaus know what that entails. It’s too tribal, I understand, but it’s an identity one has to treasure.

Windy and large waves

Am I off topic again? Hehehehe.

Well, yesterday was a beautiful day full of fun and lots of driving and shopping. I do not mind driving but the shopping part is not fun at all. And for some reason, I always find myself do more than just a normal stop and shop for needed supplies. I almost always find a way to do more shopping and spent way more than I planned for. I still don’t think of myself as a tourist, but after unpacking back at the campsite, I realized I spent like Japanese tourists would do back in the golden days of the ’90s. I guess writing it in this blog will at least keep me in check for the next time I see a sea shell or a T-with tuna graphics. :).

It was gorgeous and windy, too windy to fly our kites. We brought 4 and flew none because the wind was just too strong. It was low tide so it may be the heat that drives the wind.

Noticed some medium size boats didn’t force themselves out in the open waters, probably because the waves were a little to high for them. I think PI people wouldn’t care, even in their small outrigger canoes. It’s alright, I am just too biased I guess. 

Grand kids enjoyed the Pacific

The grand kids enjoyed the beach and several minutes of running around in ankle deep waters from the Pacific Ocean. Very cold water I might add. I feel sorry for my grand kids. They have no idea, not a clue what kind of play ground I enjoyed growing up on the islands. The Ifalik lagoon is my infinity pool/my jet tub, my fishing ground, my everything. Oh how much I missed it all.

Oh please CoronaVirus, go far away and hide please. I gotta take my poor grand kids to the islands. They need to experience what a beach should feel and look and how warmth and crystal clear the Ifalik lagoon is. These are things swirling in my mind as I watch my grand kids innocently enjoying themselves. The Oregon coast is the closest I can get them to.

Grandson Enjoying the Oregon Coast

Micronesia, please leave me alone. lol

How ironic that while reminiscing about my Ifalik, here comes the next song in my headphone. “Tirow Tirow woami…” by ReChuuk. “…we come from the beautiful little islands, many tiny islands of Chuuk, where you can drink coconut on the beach….” Yes indeed. 

Oh Micronesia, please leave me alone in peace. I am here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and am enjoying the calls of the seals and sea lions, the buoy horn sirens in the distance, and the humming and roaming of my two generators. Enjoying the sunrise and the smell of the Pacific Coastal waters. 

Thank you for following us on this voyage as we sail the Pacific Coastal waters off the Oregon Coast.

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