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lacking what to blog about and the fact that College Football has not begun yet, I direct my focus to something I didn’t really understand until I found myself paying too much for it. I hope that blogging about it will help you get some ideas on ways to save you a Dime or two. Having said that, I would do you a disservice if I do not tell you that I am not an expert on this topic so take what you can use and leave the rest to your professional helper, whomever that maybe.

"Driving is a privilege, it can be taken away from you." It's not a right. Rights cannot be taken from you. Awesome view...
“Driving is a privilege, it can be taken away from you.” It’s not a right. Rights cannot be taken from you. Awesome view…on Interstate 90 coming from Spokane, Washington.

There are professionals out there that can help you, from the friend next door, the uncle you have not seen in years, the sister you thought was forgotten and all the way to the ex you almost forgot about :).

Anyways, let me assume that while you’re at the wheel, driving whatever model you’re driving, that you are insured and licensed, just in case. It is highly recommended. NO! It’s the law of the land! You have to have an insurance. Driving, of course is a privilege, but insurance is a requirement! Please drive safely and do not forget your insurance card. And of course your drivers license.

Now that I know you are insured and licensed, let’s get to the main topic of finding ways to Save you a Dime or two.

If you are not married yet, it’s time to prepare the ring and find ways to propose and get a Marriage Certificate. Wakakakakz. You will not only gain a partner for life, but It can save you a dime on Auto Insurance too! It’s a fact. If you are married, it is more than likely your insurance premium may be lower than if you’re single. Why? Because the insurers think married drivers are more responsible and less likely to get into accidents. In other words, it’s less likely that you will file claims on your policy. So that they can keep your money without giving you nothing for it. Wakakakakz. I am sure there are statistics out there that support this reasoning. The same thing goes for older folks vs. younger folks. The older folks pay less than their younger counterparts. But you cannot just make yourself older overnight. right? Hehehe.

It’s time to move to a small town. This can really save you money on auto insurance. But just be sure you are still close enough to your workplace though. The distance between your home and workplace can be a huge factor too, so be careful. Yes, your zip code or area code does matter. This one is easy to understand, even for a mere Micronesian boy. If you live in an area where accidents rarely happen, auto stealing is very rare, crime is very low, then of course the premium will be cheaper. So, before packing your bags, call around and see how much it will cost you in terms of your auto insurance premiums. I now pay 50 percent more than I paid when I was in Corvallis, Oregon. Seattle is a big city and lots of cars so it does make sense.

Your credit score is one of the factors affecting your auto premium. I guess, the score gives the insurers some ideas of your financial stability and you being so responsible. This falls under what I would categorize as your history. Your history says a lot about you. For example, if you are a newly licensed driver, your premium is probably higher because the trust is not there yet. If you have several tickets in your history, then there is a higher chance you will get another one or even get into an accident and that leads to them believing that there is a higher probability of you filing a claim. They don’t like to give. They only love to take. hehehe.

The ones I mentioned above are things that the insurers look at when quoting you a coverage. It’s basically the things they graded you for. For what you can do to get a lower premium, please hang in there. lol. Are you still with me? Come on man! Don’t get too drunk yet. We still have lots of things to talk about. Ahahaha.

In the expansive world of auto insurance, I was able to cut it down to two areas or divisions.

First, you need to understand the coverage. If for example, you do not need towing in your policy because you have two trucks sitting in your front lawn, then tell them to take it off the policy. Before that though, make sure to ask them if it will help minimize your premium. If it does, then do it. Go for the lowest coverage allowed in your state. Make sure the insurer do not add things you do not need on your policy/coverage, like rental, towing, or roadside assistance. Check with your employer if they have group coverage which can lower your premium.

In my case, my Suburbans are cheaper to insure than the missing Cobalt. lol.
In my case, my Suburbans are cheaper to insure than the missing Cobalt. lol.

One of the newest products out there is the Pay As You Drive insurance. They have it here in the state of Washington. I just found out about it and my premium went from about $200 to $94 per payday or bi-weekly. The insurance company won’t even mention this to you. They want your money! Remember? So make sure you tell them about it. If you already have an insurance and you are not using this, please talk to them about it. Just make sure you drive less to keep your mileage within the limit. If you only have one vehicle, it may not work out but who knows. Maybe you only work a few blocks from home, and you only go visit your ex once a year. Go for it and see if it works.

Last but not the least, the model of the vehicle you are driving matters. For example, my 2008 cobalt cost me $1000/year, but both my 2002 and 2013 Suburban’s cost $800 a piece. I had no clue until I looked up my policy. It was surprising to me. I thought the smaller vehicle cost less but it was just the opposite. I guess, the damage to both the occupants and the vehicle is less on the larger vehicles than the smaller ones. So the next time you buy a car, do not only look at the mpg (miles per gallon) but look at how much it will cost you in terms of your insurance premium.

It is a complex world out there, no question about it. So please, think before you buy your next vehicle. And know all the facts and info about the car, the insurance, and yourself before deciding on becoming a driver. I wish I had used the public transportation system from the very beginning so I do not have to think about all these complicated calculations, but it’s too late now. I just have to read up, ask questions and hope for the best.

Again, do not take my words for it. I am not an expert! Take what you can and leave the rest here on Ifagalz. Have a safe trip! God bless these Federated States of Micronesia.

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