The morning was young and the coffee was fresh when I got a call from my nephew that he’s at the port of Tacoma, here in Washington State. I knew exactly where he was, as I had been to the port where their company was located on different occasions. Took me about 5 or so minutes to get down to the port where I met him and several others from our small islands in Micronesia. To be more specific, I picked up my nephew Bradman, Jon from Guam, Wayne from Lamocheg/Feshaiulap, and Manno from Lamocheg. 

Please look past the cases of Budweiser and focused on the small gesture of community support by these Micronesian Fishermen. Thank you Bradman, Jon, Manno and Wayne for supporting the March of Diapers.

As a former fisherman myself, different fishing methods but same feelings and all that, I got these boys and headed straight for the store to get the most precious item most fishermen looked forward to when coming ashore. My preference was going straight to a bar, but I am not sure these kids can behave themselves in a bar. Just joking. I just am not familiar with all the bar situations here in town. All I saw on the news was shootings and fights at local bars and I don’t want these young men to get into that situation. Better they stay at my place and enjoy a few cases of beer. 

March of Diapers volunteers with the Micronesian Fishermen from L to R - Bradman, Jon, Manno and Wayne.

Next I found myself inside one of my favorite stores, leading a pack to where the alcohol aisle was. They picked up several Budweiser cases and as we headed for the checkout stands I noticed they were buying diapers too. I was confused, but they told me they wanted to donate diapers to the local organization that was collecting them at the front door. I was like, wow, these boys are awesome. Doing a little community service while in the community is something to be happy for. Especially when they have never been here before.

Mr. Quincy joined us the next day as they were with another group and had to check in the hotel. 

Anyways, I just wanted to give a shout out to my Island Boys for contributing a little of something to the local community. Si Yu’os Ma’åse‘ and Gaisa Gashigeshig


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