Good morning dear ifagalz valued followers, friends and families. Win or lose, I know if you’re a true football fan, you would appreciate how awesome this season is. I can honestly say, the RAMS will win the Superbowl this year. Sorry Cincy fans! No hating here. 

Well, talk about hate. Yesterday in church the sermon was all about LOVE. In fact, it was all about “WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE TO THINK, ACT AND LOVE LIKE JESUS?” And you know what I was thinking while listening to Father Frank’s sermon? My garage full of items we love so much that we hold unto them even if we didn’t need them. Are you now blaming us for being greedy and becoming awesome hoarders? Think twice before you judge now.

It’s true Love is everything to us as human beings. Someone said, “where there is love, there is life.” Love knows no hatred. Love knows no jealousy. And Love knows no greed. But then what about the piles of rubble in my garage? Isn’t that greed? Isn’t that hoarding? Isn’t that just a pile of garbage? Sure! You be the judge. 

And judging you must, because there’s always two sides and different perspectives. When I talk to families and friends, I say my wife hoarded this and that and more. Yes, that’s true. Very true indeed. But look closely at the picture and you can say the exact same thing about me too! See?

I saw a tuna size ice-chest or cooler in there. I saw a carrier or whatever you call it in there. I saw tools in there. I saw my flying kites on the shelves. I saw buckets and buckets of paints in there. Pipes, tables,  power tools and so on and so forth. 

Obviously, you don’t see what’s inside those boxes and storage containers! So, don’t quick on judging me. Lots of baby clothes, muumuus, beautiful boxers, socks, shoes, and the list goes on from there. Would I care to keep those kind of stuff? Heck no! You see, we all can see and hear whatever we wanted to see or hear. Or we can all say whatever we wanted others to hear and see. 

Let’s pause here and go back to the sermon. “WHAT WOULD IT LOOK LIKE TO THINK, ACT AND LOVE LIKE JESUS?” See, in that rubble, or piles of hoarding stack, there was LOVE. Wife kept all those so she can give them to our relatives. She kept them so she can send them to Chuuk, Yap, or Pohnpei. It’s all about LOVE. She wanted to share, even when she knows in her heart, we can’t afford to do so. I know Jesus can turn this rubble into whatever he wants, but we cannot. Still, because of love, not of these physical items, but because of the idea that they can be used by our relatives. Instead of throwing them away, how about keeping them and hopefully sending them to be used by people we love. 

As for me, I LOVE MY TOOLS and TOYS. I am not sure if I can share with relatives, but I sure love those things and I want to bring them wherever I go. See, the way I see it, if I have the tools, I will be able to utilize them to create something more beautiful and useful where everyone of my relatives and families can come and enjoy. Yes, I do love my tools, and it’s not to share them per se, but to build, to expand, to create, and then share those to the people I care and love about. See, I think Jesus would do that too. Others may think I am so so stingy because I don’t share my tools with them.

Love is amazing and can be interpreted/used in different ways. In fact, love is everywhere and in everything we do. I hope I am able to convince you, that within that rubble, there’s love. Before judging, please think of things you maybe missing. I hope I don’t confuse the heck out of you on ways to see LOVE. 

As for hoarding, please DO NOT DO it. Buy only what you need and throw stuff as you go so you don’t find yourself in the same situation as I am having to fight the urge to keep and the thinking of the cost of garbage. Cost of HOARDING! It plays with your mind and your wallet. 




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