mechanicsThanks to the Deer, I must hire a mechanic to repair the damage to my trailblazer and whom is better than a Micronesian mechanic. I do not have to pay for labor and every repair is guaranteed to be perfect. The only things I needed are the parts.

Got the driver’s headlight hand delivered to me today by the United States Postal Service. I was told to expect a 2-day delivery but it showed up today. I was impressed with the entire order from the time I put it in to the time it arrives. Everything exceeded my expectation. In fact, I trusted these guys so much that I just put in one more order. Everything I ordered so far shipped to me for free and I got some real awesome discounts.


You may wonder how did I know I got discounts. The company stated on my order the discount I got so to confirm that those were real, I called two dealership in town and an autoparts retailer to see their prices so I can compare them. The average from those were about $304 for the parts I needed but this one company I found online came out to about $184 after all the discounts I used, a saving of about $120. Not bad at all.

I picked to do the repair on my own to save money and to be sure that the parts used are brand new and not some used parts that were saved from another repair. I didn’t have a good history with repair shops and my friend, a mechanic from Pohnpei, confided in me the tricks these shops used on their customers that I decided then never to bring my vehicles to the shop, unless I absolutely cannot do it on my own.300x225

With the existense of social media and networks, it is so much easier now to repair vehicles by following the guidelines provided on youtube or the other video sites. The internet has make so many things easy to repair.

Just to expand a little on what my Pohnpean Mechanic friend told me, he said that this shop he worked for on Guam used to charge customers hundreds of dollars for repairs that would cost them only $5o. He told me that it annoyed him so much, he decided to quit working for them. He felt terrible about what’s happening at the shop. This was the main reason I took it upon myself to fix my own vehicles. It’s a lot of work, but at least I know I use the right parts with the right job.


I am sharing this so that if you are at a shop you must be very careful not to be hacked out of your hard earned dollar. Please do a lot of research online as there are tons of information that can help you do almost anything.

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