Love and Honesty
Love and Honesty

It’s Spring time again, lots of coughing drops filled the store shelves, sneezing everywhere in town, the temperature is moving between the 50’s and the 60’s in Seattle, and the Tulips are starting to come out to a point of attracting girls from Beaver Nation to pay a homage.

Spring time is a time where I usually take out the shovels, the hoses, the nails and woods to start gardening. It reminds me of my days growing Corn in the beautiful city of Nett on the awesome FSM Capitol, the State of Pohnpei. The weather here in Seattle is eerily the same minus the temperature.

This morning, I am sitting in the business center of the StayBridge Inn and Suites in a small town called Mukilteo. I came here to celebrate 22 years of togetherness with the Micronesian woman I said “I DO” to that many years ago on the island of Pohnpei.

We usually celebrate this important ocassion in our lives eating out, but this year, I decided on doing something very unusual.

I have to be truthful and say that I totally forgot about this day that I didn’t request a day off from work. It’s true. It’s my bad. I was lucky to have an awesome boss whom not only allowed me an early leave, but suggested that I head straight to the flower shop. Without hesitation, I left heading to get what I was going to get, a GOLD POT OF ROSES.

The smell of roses greeted me as I entered the shop, on the right were rows of Orchids, in the middle were rows of tulips and then many more other flowers, all arranged beautifully to the pleasing of the eyes and the heart. I was so into these flowers trying to pick out the best when the attendant lady showed up and asked what’s the occassion.

I paused and responded that it’s my 22nd anniversary and I am picking one out to give to my wife. She gave me her congratulations and then walked away.

My mind, as unstable as it is, was all over the place analyzing every detail of everything that woman just said. I was like, wait a minute, you use these kind of things for funerals too. You use them for graduations as well.

It’s right there when I told myself that flowers/roses may not be the best thing for a Micronesian Woman. Well, who knows, girls probably are the ones giving Roses to boys in our cultures, right? They are the ones making Leis for men so I assume they may sneak up one or two for their special someone.

When I brought the flower home, to my surprise, my wife gave me a huge smile and a big hug and of course a humongous thank you, but I still have the question swirling in my head. Does she really appreciate/like me bringing flower to her? Isn’t awkward for a Micronesian woman to receive flowers/roses from a Micronesian Man? It didn’t feel anything but rather pleasing that I at least try to show her how much she meant to me and my little family. But does she feels the same way?

I want to see the reaction of my mom if I ever have the chance of bringing her out to me. I want to give her flowers and see what, if anything, she may say to me. I bet you the first thing she would ask is what the heck is this. Hehehe.

My wify told me that she felt good that I bought her flowers because at least she knows I was thinking of our anniversary. But then she added, it would be much better if I give her money so she can go to the BINGO place to spend it there. It’s not that I am against her going to a BINGO place, it’s just that I do not see any fun in it. It’s not my type of game.

I would rather be swiming in a pool and submerged my body into a Jaccuzi than marking off numbers or letters that someone calls out. I would rather be in a totally new place than, looking at new things and new surroundings than sitting in one place for hours. I would rather be on the beach scowering for clams than sitting in a crowded noisy place. I guess it’s just me. Not on my anniversary at least. But I won out and here I am sitting in the business center enjoying the view of the forest and tapping away on the keypad.

To my Micronesian Woman, BINGO would be much better than the Roses. To my Micronesian woman, the idea of winning money is much more attractive than the Roses. Oh my. Oh boy. I guess, I will have to give in one day.

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