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I am a Catholic, baptised into it when I was a child, of course without my consent cuz I was too babyish to understand. Can I change my religion now that I can make my own decision? Why not? Do I have to? Why? Is it necessary?

Lots of questions. I guess the answer of course lies within each of us. We each can make our own decisions, one way or the other. I don’t think there is any issue at all because we live in a democracy. Right? But does it make you look bad in the eyes of society? If yes, why? But who really cares.

I’ve come across Micronesians that hated others because of religious affiliation but I just cannot simply understand why. But when I sit back and look at it, it’s just because it’s different. It’s change! It’s New! We are suppose to stay with the old ways you know. You suppose to do it so that you are no different in society or family. Why?  Maybe we are scared because we know that when we divided we fall, and when we are united, we stand. Right? So true. ;).

For those that have changed religion, does it make you much better? How? In what ways? Do you get more money or goods now than ever in your life? Does it help you reach your dreams? Accomplished your goals?

I honestly have issues with people that changed their religion but it’s not because I hate that religion or hate the fact that they changed, it’s just that I cannot understand the reasons. What’s the point? Does your new religion gives you a BETTER God? Better Church? Better Priest/Pastor/Reverend? Does it make you a new person?

I suspect the reason behind changing religious affiliation has nothing to do with God but rather with thy self. You wanted satisfaction. You wanted to be recognized, respected, taught, lead, be led, etc… It’s all about you! Am I right?

Let’s just say Cal is the pastor in religion “A” so he is leading the church and everything that goes around it. Before mass, he would tell the congregation that he wanted everyone in the room to leave their Cell Phones on so that if there is an emergency, they can answer the call.  He also encourages families to stay seated even when their kids are crying and making noises because he doesn’t want anyone missing out in celebrating mass. Some in the congregation don’t agree with Cal because they get annoyed when cellphones ring and babies cry. It breaks their concentration in trying to connect with God. These people stood up and walked out of church and on that day, they all say that they are going to attend church next sunday at another church that belongs to religion “G.”  So there they went and you got the end of that story.

Who is wrong here? or who is right? Is Cal right to let everyone in on the celebration of mass? Were the “WALKED” members right? There is no reason for them to attend a church where they cannot concentrate or connect to God, right? Cal and these members, all have a point. If I were pastor Cal, what I would do is tell the members that God is everwhere. God hears your heart, whether you yell it out, shout it out, or silently whispering it out. He is there with you. And yes, he is in the other churches/religions too!

There must be a real good reason for a person to jump from one religion to another. Or there may be no reason at all. Why? Because God is everywhere.

But as children of God, are we suppose to walk away from something we don’t like or stay and try to make it right?

I guess my main point is why hating on each other when God is everywhere. God is in church A and is also in Church G. He is in religion G and also in religion A. I also don’t see a point of changing religion because the person you are praying to is already there in your church. Unless of course you are on a mission to satisfy thy self.

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