On average we would be able to catch at least 20 crabs. However, this time we had only retrieved a measly amount of 1. As you may think, what is so hard about crabbing? After all, all you do is throw a cage into the depths of the salty waters and wait for a bit before pulling it back up. But hold on, its not that easy. Crabbing is more difficult than you may think. It requires good timing, strength, speed and lastly a decent amount of luck.

Crabbing requires (or recommends) the right time of the year to perform this act. The preferred time is late July through August when all of the little crabs have matured. When we had gone crabbing, it had been mid June which was terrible timing, resulting in capturing a single crab. Although we did catch quite a few crabs, they had all been too small to actually take with us. That is why, time is crucial. My advice to future crabbers: ask around for info, ask other crabbers if you have to, and do some researching beforehand. You don’t want to waste 2 hours on catching only one crab.

The key to successful crabbing is also to have both strength and speed. I’ll admit that I didn’t have much of both, and because of that the crabs had been loose in the cage. I had failed to reel them in. Which is NOT GOOD at all. Keep a firm hold on the rope and pull it in as quick as you can! You don’t want to have butter fingers, so keep that grip tight. My dad had done most of the work, since he obviously could easily outdo everyone on the boat. Another key, is to keep track of your buoys. If the current is strong, you would lose them and waste time trying to find them. Time is important, as I mentioned earlier, so make sure you don’t lose sight of your buoy!

My last point to crabbing is that you must have some sort of luck. This point seems ridiculous but actually, luck counts. When crabbing, you choose where to place the cages. Depending on your luck, you may have gotten the best of worst area filled or maybe empty of crabs. This relies on your placement which goes back to my point, luck. According to the fisherman who had counted and measured our crabs, we had only one that met his requirements. That day you could say, we were unlucky.

In conclusion, crabbing takes a lot of skill and luck. You have to crab when the time is right, have speed and strength to reel it in without slipping up, and have luck to actually capture any craps. With all of that in mind, would you still go crabbing? My answer is a solid yes. If not for the crabs, the experience is great. At least, in my opinion it was worth it.

You can also check out the gallery by clicking this LINK.

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