Jun and Cal…island style.

I was wrong. I predicted we beat Stanford 41 to 21.

Perhaps, it’s the weight of the whiskey on my mind that this loss felt very different. Or maybe I couldn’t admit that I really didn’t think we could beat these guys. I would say this loss is one of the best losses we have ever had. I wasn’t frustrated with the team or coaches at all. It felt my Beavs did their best and have shown some things to hope for.

My boys perspective though, this was a winnable game. Both of them were pissed! My youngest son, if he can, would just burst out cussing at anything and everything. It was fun to see they were into our C-town team. My youngest one cannot say anything positive about the coaching of the game.

I locked my room so they won’t come in and bugged me but I can’t ignore the knocking so I let them in. Cal, my youngest one wanted me to agree with him that the coaches should have done more FLY-Sweeps and Keep HeisMannion in the gun to defeat the stud front 4 of Stanford or at least to tire them out. I didn’t say anything to him but I was hoping our coaches would do exactly as my son said since we cannot get our passing game going.

I kinda feel sorry to my oldest son Jun. He kinda hide his feelings but I knew he was on the exact same page as Cal. If he were to say something, he would have told me he wished his own coaches at his Varsity football team coach the Oregon State Beavers. And I may agree with him since his team, the Warriors hasn’t lost a game to anyone yet. But then, these are 8th graders. Hehe.

Well, the Beavs are going to play USC at home this Friday and I am hoping to make it down. There’s a good chance we can win this thing out and go to the Rose Bowl. My hope is that Oregon beats Stanford and we beat Oregon at the end. That should give us the chance to play for the Pac 12 Championship.

Teams yet to play are USC, Arizona State, Washington and Oregon – all winnable games.

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