Ifalik boys navigating the pacific - arriving West Faiyew.
Ifalik boys navigating the pacific – arriving West Faiyew.

Now that North Korea is basically talked about on every news organization, I would like to take a stab at it and see if there are lessons Micronesia should learn from them. Isolation? Yes. Kimchee? Yes. Drama? Yes. Dictatorship? Maybe. Island? No. Rice? Yes. Poor? Maybe.

Now let’s look at how aggressive the new leader is in dealing with the United States of America. He has ramped up all sorts of warning signs to the highest it’s ever been.

I am sure the United States and South Korea are ready just in case. How about our tiny little Islands and Atolls? What have we been doing? Are we really that isolated from this situation? I don’t think so. A little miscalculation by Kim Jong Un may be the end of our poor isolated islands south of Guam.

The focus of Kim Jong Un and President Barack Hussein Obama along with Governor Calvo is Guam, but how about those isolated little islands in Yap and Chuuk. What preperations, if any, have gone into these areas? I checked the FSM government’s Information website and the latest I found is the following information on Cancer Control and Prevention Plan Roll out. Not very helpful to the current evet at all. I guess what can we do?

“FSM Comprehensive Cancer Control and Prevention Plan rolls out at Cancer Day celebration
Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): February 5, 2013 – The FSM National Cancer Coalition rolled out the updated five year plan for the year 2013 to 2018 during the Cancer Day commemoration in Palikir on February 4.

The activity took place on a basketball court behind the Transnational Crime Unit facility at the FSM National Government compound.

According to Mr. X-ner Luther, National Comprehensive Cancer Control and Prevention (NCCCP) Program coordinator, the cancer program was put in place in 2005. Cancer coalitions were formed in each of the 5 jurisdictions (National and the 4 states), which subsequently developed cancer control and prevention plans. In 2007, the plans came into effect with the jurisdictions implementing their own plans separately.


With the updated plan, the five separate plans are now integrated with each jurisdiction carrying out their specific activities. The national specific activities include the coordination and monitoring of program activities, setting standards, and performance evaluation. Although the state cancer coalition groups manage their own affairs separately, the plan links concerted efforts by all players in a networking arrangement to strengthen impacts. This is done through the Cancer Control Steering Committee.

The renewed plan was endorsed by President Mori the morning of February 4 and will be available to the public when printing packaging is completed.

Activities for the day under the theme “Increasing Knowledge and Dismissing Misconceptions about Cancer” included a survey or participants’ general knowledge of cancer in the FSM, showcasing of healthy nutritious snacks, basic aerobic exercise demo and a fun walk around the compound.

The event was attended by the chairman of the National Cancer Coalition, Mr. Waguk, Acting Chief of National Police Mr. Johnny Santos, Dr. Mayleen Ekiek and Mr. Kippier Lippwe, Non-Communicable Disease Program Coordinator who spoke on behalf of Secretary Vita A. Skilling. Several staff from the various departments and offices at the National Government took part in all the events.”

Life goes on with or without Kim Jong Un, that’s what is going on. But what can our government or island nations do in this kind of situation. One, we should beg Mr. Kim Jong Un to slow down on Kimchee so he can aim right. Sorry Guam but you guys at least have the US military over there to shoot the missiles out of the sky. Our little islands of Ifaluk, Feraulap, Woleai and others have no one but the coconut trees to protect us from those missiles. Two, we can demand that the US evacuate our islands because they endangered our people by putting their bases on Guam. Well they may tell us their Insurance Provider, China, doesn’t allow for Collatteral damage. Or 3, we can all go to church and pray that Kim Jong Un stay home this month and the missiles get jammed up.

If we allowed China to build the ETG hotels on Yap, they may look favorably to our situation and send us their one and only newly renovated Aircraft Carrier, LIAONING to protect our Yap Islands. Never mind Chuuk since Mori didn’t ask that ETG go there instead.

Ifaluk boys - West Faiyew
Ifaluk boys – West Faiyew

I can be joking around but this situation is damn serious. Our islands can be decimated if Kim Jong Un makes a mistake and misses Guam. I hope the US military knows there are tiny islands that needs protection south of Guam. Our government at least have to tell OBAMA that in case the missile misses Guam and head South that they go after it still because there are little islands out there. Or even put carriers in the lagoons of Ifaluk or Woleai to absorb the impact and deflected the missils from hitting the islands that have nothing but soft beaches.

One more thing we need to protect and that is the Tuna supply in the Pacific Ocean. We should tell Kim Jong Un not to luch these nukes because they can destroy the tuna supplies. He may not able to eat sashimi anymore!


If there is nothing we can do, then I guess we have to pray for our islands and its people. We must also pray for Kim Jong Un. Whatever he has on his mind has to be solved so that he can stay calm while eating kimchee. Good luck my people of Micronesia. Good Luck my Korean Drama. Good Luck Yigo Akasasa, Mangilao Ekemenimen and even Barrigada Otumutum. Happy Sunday Micronesia.

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