Lynn and I with Benny…

This is my biased preview of the Oregon State vs. Stanford football game in Corvallis, Oregon. It’s basically a battle between beavers and a bunch of trees! Isn’t it obvious who’s going to win it? My Beavs are ready with the Chainsaw.

The Beavs are led by the Junior QB and the nation’s leading passer, no other than Mr. HeisMannion himself and of course by his side is the nation’s best Wide Receiver, Mr. Cooks aka Mach 7. OH YES YOU! OREGON STATE, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.

On the other side is the tree farmer, Kevin Hogan and Cooks copycatter, Ty Montgomery.

The Beavs are going to do lots of FLY-SWEEPS using the combination of MACH 7 Cooks and Speedy Bolden. This is the best against the trees at the front of the Stanford defense. It’s going to be fun watching Mannion balling a deep one down the sideline to Mullaney on those FLY-Sweeps/Play Action drill. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cummings and Smith somewhere in the middle of the field against the weak Stanford secondary.

On the defensive side, I wouldn’t be surprise to see Crichton and Wynn causing havoc in the backfield. Expecting to see Reynolds and Nelson with a pick six each! The expectation is for DJ, Mr. Alexander to get himself 3 or more tackles for loss and no less than 3 sacks.

Beavs, I cannot be with you in C-town today but I will be cheering you on from my couch with a Beer in one hand and a Long, Very Long Ice tea in the other and maybe a Rum and coke to celebrate the win tonight.

Final score is: Beavs 41 and Stanford 21

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