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At the dock in Seattle, Washington. 

About 400 Tuna Fish Left

Was sleeping and Chaz texted and woke me up! Chaz, see what you did? On a peaceful sunday? Hahaha. Not really. I was just surfing all morning long. Chaz was inquiring about the location of St. Jude and he found it. I am sure he got himself tuna and enjoyed a bowl of sashimi under that beautiful afternoon sun. 

As for me, my two boys, KOA and CALSON, wanted to tag along to go visit St. Jude and the Fijian Boys. We managed the drive and got there at around 3 maybe 4 in the afternoon. It was smooth sailing all the way to the boat. No crowd, no escorts and no police. Just a few folks also buying tuna for sashimi and a little barbeque. 
Saw Nick and them boys and they were eager to get back to fishing. They told me they still have about 400 tuna fish left. So please go up today and get them tuna off the boat so these boys can get back to what they do best, FISHING.

You won’t miss them. They are right there on the dock. As you enter the entrance to the Fishermen’s Terminal, take the first left turn and keep going and it will take you directly to the boat. There are hand made signs on the side of the road that can help you navigate. You can park in any of the parkings that clearly mark for the port. Parking is free and it allows you to park there for 2 hours. Lots of time to get your fish and leave. 

We had a good time. Bought 6 big tuna and headed straight to our favorite take out, UWAJIMAYA in Renton. While underway, we called them to ensure they had what we were looking for. Some island favorites, LUAU. The lady on the phone was a little concern. One, we may be late since they close in about 30 minutes. Two, they are running very low on LUAU. In fact, they only had three left, so we reserved them and took our time to get there. 

To our surprise, the lady guarded our Luau because in her words, “I didn’t want you guys to kill me.” Hahahahaha. No manang, we won’t do that. We are island boys. We kill FISH! Hahahaha. 

It was a very beautiful afternoon, but it’s still a little on the chill side in the backyard. Lucky for us, I forgot to put the outdoor heater on the Facebook Marketplace. I thought I did, but I was wrong. That Luau was good. Especially with the Macaroni Salad. Forgot the leftover sashimi from last night. 

If anyone knows where my brothers Driskell and Augustine are at, I have tuna reserved for them. Hehehehe. Freezer is packed so I left two big ones in the cooler last night and am ready to cut them down and freeze them for next weekend. 

Let’s go support our fishermen from Fiji and get them tuna off the boat. The address is provided below for your convenience or you can reach out to me like Chaz did so I can direct you safely to the dock where St. Jude is patiently awaiting your arrival. They open 10 AM to 6 PM Daily.

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Thank you very much for sailing and navigating along with us.