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Aloha & Mahalo...

We were thrilled to welcome a very outgoing, energetic and passionate islander. She’s a fabulous girl, a descendant of Kwajalein Atoll, Tokelau and Tuvalu. Beautiful islands with people of beautiful hearts. 

Hey, Nerose, have you subscribed to ifagalz youtube channel yet? Hahahaha. She was bombarded by this very question on almost a daily basis. I will keep on bugging her until we reached our goal of 1,000 subscribers. No matter how long it takes…lol

Well, Nerose visited from the island of Oahu in Hawaii so we’re glad to hear lots of fascinating Hawaiian stories since we’ve never, so far had a chance to really experience what’s all that Hawaii hype is all about.

It all began in the evening of the 10th of September when we drove a total of 1 hour and 6 minutes on a 28.4 miles ride. We took SR 509, connected to Interstate 5, exited to get on SR512 and continued east to our final exit unto Pacific Avenue. We took some streets until we found ourselves outside of the Pacific Lutheran University’s Gymnasium. We can’t find our Nerose so we decided to call upon our best friend Miss Google and she took us straight to the street where she was.

It was on Parkland Avenue South and Garfield Street South at approximately 8:45 pm in the city of Parkland where we first met our Nerose. She was there with a cousin and a friend whom have moved in the dorms for the school year.

The ride back home was smooth since it’s late in the evening and not many souls were out and about. I decided it would be much faster just taking Interstate 5 north until the exit to downtown Federal Way.

It was a very short 3 days she spent with us but it was awesome having her. The girls were thrilled and the little ones, especially Rosie, were super happy to learn some Hawaiian dance moves from her.

We kinda rushed to do a small bbq and was happy we did. I had to show off my brand new tripod slash selfie stick. Oh wait, here’s where it got really interesting. But we had to setup the food and everything first.

As everyone was getting ready to eat, I brought out my newly bought tripod/selfie stick and set it up on the counter. My girls took turns admiring it then I told them we’re going to do a group selfie and they were like, are you kuuraizee? There’s no selfie stick, you only got a tripod. I was like, how unfortunate, you can’t even tell… Hehehehe.

Well, they were very surprised when I turned the tripod into a selfie stick that’s over 4 feet long, 51 inches to be exact. They were like wow, daddy was actually correct. For once! Hahahaha.

Everyone had a good dinner except the potato salad was plain. Blaming my roots for this problem, my kids don’t like onions in their salad and I am the opposite. I love onions, lots and lots of onions. Mom hates it and so are her grand kids. OMG. I can’t eat potato salad with no onions, it doesn’t taste anything at all. 

The next morning, we were all saying our good byes because our Nerose supposedly made a reservation to get back to our son in Honolulu. But the drive was cut short. I am sure the car didn’t even leave the garage yet when they noticed the reservation was actually for the 26th of the month which is, even for this morning, still 12 days away. We’d love to have her for that long but our son may have a heart attack. Hehehehe. 

Another arrangement was made and she made it to her flight and now safely in Hawaii. 

For me, the best part was to introduce her to my youtube channel and showed her my blog I gained a fan of my channel and blog and a niece in one visit. What’s better than that?

Before Dinner

Selfie Stick

are you kuuraizee? There’s no selfie stick, you only got a tripod. I was like, how unfortunate, you can’t even tell… Hehehehe.

Dinner y'all

Nerose, it was awesome having you for a short visit and we’re looking forward to have you and Raypo both here soon. Can’t wait to show you two more of my projects. 

Ewer, ouwa jok Kaito...

Hi Nerose and Ray. Have you two subscribed to my ifagalz youtube channel yet? Invite your friends too. Love you two and hurry up and visit us again soon.
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Hope daddy doesn't bug y'all again but I am sure he will since he's been working hard to achieve his goal of 1,000 subscribers on his ifagalz youtube channel.
Mwa neiwe fopun ese mo kan kokoriei? Ennet uwa fen positi nge ese koko. Ajok atapwan ren Raypo nge kan suseniei. Ouwa kaito jok ah.
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Trying out the remote

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