Island girls mo yar style…

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Return to EAU

Golago nge gosa luwanei, return to EAU. Bo sew mwouiulpiye yegale fitemaliu yarematal wol. Golago nge gosa luwanei, return to EAU. Bo sew mwoiulipiye yegale fitemaliu yarematal wol.

Resa ninisholago shagiu, taremwale ka resa fefetale tage. Resa log tiw shagiu sarishoabut me sarigalo kaale. Last wording ngaligami, tarimwaale ka luguneng. Come to EAU, gaibe tepangir ika fitemaliu.

Golago ngo gosa luwanei, return to EAU. Come back to EAU, gaibe tepangir ika fitemaliu.


Sepa Yangochig, te gasefaliuwe ________________. ____________________sa pung tangiyei. Kokoris ika yetomal, iuliuyach sa tugil. Don’t forget to put aside, fagoyel yach wares. Le bola te wol yog_______________. ____________________ mach body le yai.


Hey guys, thousand miles between us, I tried so much to get this right without any luck. Either I totally lost everything about back home or I am just being stupid that I couldn’t get it together. I am talking about the KOKORIS thingy. It is one of the best Outer Island song I listen to and as you can see, I cannot complete the sentences. I need anyone’s help please. Email me or message me on fb please so we can complete the sentences…

Melap Bwiis Loren from KSA Irving, Please help me with the Fanuarh Sat One song. Please text or message me the lyrics, whenever you have a chance.

Thank you in advance for helping.

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