Stay Safe - Eat Local, Stay Local, Farm the land

Concerned Washingtonians stock up on supplies such as rice, water, spam, sausages and oh yes, toilet papers and paper towels. I was so concerned seeing what’s happening here that I pleaded with our Micronesian leaders to take this seriously because it’s not the flu, as many people seemed to think.

The epicenter

Washington State was once the epicenter of covid19. It became so unbearable I decided to stop looking at the numbers. Just terrible what’s going on in our world.

Winco Trip...

for the good of everyone, companies had to close their doors to allow for replenishment of goods

Stay Safe - Lots of Paper Products to go around

It was calming to see stores were limiting quantity of items per  customer. It was a good move that ensure everyone shares.

Costco Trip...

for the good of everyone, companies are limiting items