Pasifika coming together

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Deacon Driskell J. Jack and wife Deaconis Tanya Driskell  along with LM Frank Alokoa and Deaconis Hanna Frank with PICAWA

Lenmwo Kosraean family and friends

It was a pleasure to introduce our brother and Deacon Mr. Driskell Jack, his wife Tanya along with LM Frank and wife Hanna to our Pacific Islander Community Association of Washington Executive Director and dear brother Joseph Seia and our team of volunteers, including sister Rosi. We’ve been trying to get our brothers and sisters from the Kosraean community to join us, and to finally have them at the site in Kent was really a moment to celebrate. I was very very happy to see them there and looking forward to continue working with Deacon and family to help our KSA community in whatever small ways we can. 

We now have served and serving our Marshallese, Chuukese, and Kosraean communities alongside our Polynesian brothers and sisters. I am on the look out for our brothers and sisters from the Pohnpean and Yapese communities. I think I finally found my Yapese family, but I need help locating our Pohnpean brothers and sisters. We have enough FREE FOOD to go around, so please reach out to us. 

It’s not only food we’re giving. We want to socialize with everyone and have fun as a Pasifika family. So, please if you have time, come on out and help your brothers and sisters manning the Food distribution sites. We need more youths and elders too to come on out and join us. As you all know, we now have 3 Distribution sites, one in Tacoma, Kent and Everett. Pick a location and go give a couple of hours volunteering. 

Our Pasifika Youth in action:

Have you filled out your census?

If not, please do so at your earliest convenience. I spoke directly to our Chuukese brothers and sisters in the video below.  

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Kinisou FCWWA President Ritae

Ritae picked up food and delivered to our chuukese families in longview, Wa

Loading at my house

Kinisou chapur

Ita met sipwe ani kapas nge fokkun kinisou chok ngeni ekkei fopun ren ar fokkun aninisoch ngeni ach Chuukese families, non ach ei king county, pwan tori ekan ekoch counties. Ikenai, ra amasowa wan Ritae ei toraku pwun epwene no ngeni neniach Longview, WA ren an epwe atoura ekkei mongo ngeni ach kewe families irr mi non non Longview.

Kinisou Rose me Ritae


Ritae and grandson dropped food in lognview

kinisou sister ritae and grandson

Sipwe fokkun kinisou ngeni nang pwan ngeni fefinach Ritae me nounuwe ren ar ekieki me atawei angangen ach ei mongo an epwe tori ach kewe famini irr mi nonom non Longview, Washington. It's a long two or so hours of drive. Again, thank you Ritae and Grand. Pwan kinisou chapur ngeni ach kewe famini non Longview. Omusano pwan ren nafangawan aninis, ita kot epwe anisikich ach sipwe kuna tufich pun sipwe pwan share.
Kinisou chapur ngeni kemi chon Longview.

Pasific Islander Community Association of Washington (PICAWA)

Pasifika families, please come on out and join us serving our communities.