From L to R; JR - Marshallese, Calson - Yapese/Chuukese, Destinee - Fijian

Dear Pasifika peoples, these kids are ready to help you sign up and get the COVID19 vaccines. Let’s do this to protect ourselves and each other. 

There is nothing political about these vaccines. They are there to help us protect ourselves and each other from this horrible disease. I cannot stress enough how important it is that we all take it. The sooner the better it is so we can do our Pasifika gatherings again. 

What will it take to get you to take it? Should we ask Trump to convince you? If so, I think he already did. You can go watch him HERE. Or listen to him. If you still feel nauseated from him loosing to Biden, oh please get over it. America does elections every 4 years! You win some, you lose some. Your health and your Pasifika community’s health is more important than listening to these political stunts. 

If you’re one of those that think everything is up to God, please ask yourself who taught us how to protect ourselves and our communities when faced with these kind of challenges. Who created our brains to think? Who gave us the gift of knowledge? Who gave the scientists the ability to find solutions and treatments of diseases that have the potential of wiping out the human race? I would think it is he who gave us everything so to protect ourselves and our neighbors. 

If you believe in our Pasifika cultures and traditions, then you should believe that taking the vaccine means love of yourself, your family and friends, your clansmen, your village and your island. Taking the vaccine brings us closer to visiting and gathering the Pasifika way. Sooner! 

Pasifika brothers and sisters, leaders and followers, chiefs and captains, please help your fellow men and women get vaccinated today. 

Here in the state of Washington, the Pacific Islander Community Association led by brother Joseph Seia is ready to help. They’ve been at it on Mondays. Please reach out to them so they can help our community get back to normal soon.

I still have one more thing to share. This BUD is for you! After you get your vaccine from brother Joseph Seia and team at the office here in town, or with one of their partners, or your own clinic, please CLICK HERE  to register and get a FREE BUD.

Here’s the address of the PICAWA office here in town:

33710 9th Ave South, Suite 1
Federal Way 98003
Phone: 206.686.5221
Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm