Good morning ifagalz families, friends and guests. It’s another beautiful morning here in the Pacific Northwest. Got to give another shout out to the man above for another day of blessing yesterday as our Non-profit groups continued to reach more and more of our Pasifika families to extend a hand of support in this time of need. 

Thursday was just another busy day for all the volunteers. The rain didn’t stop anyone from doing all the community work they were doing. And a lot was accomplished! 

Let’s start with my dear Pacific Islander Community Association of Washington (PICAWA). Pastor and brother Hex and wife and sister Rema and family were the star, as always, in getting everything ready for our youth and for manning the site the entire time. This time, we got help from a steel robot, a forklift and it did the job in half the time it took us to unload a truck. Pastor made a joke to me, “WE STOPPED THINKING LIKE PASIFIKA IN HOW WE DO OUR UNLOADS NOW. WE’RE USING MACHINE.” Thank you brother for reminding ourselves of situations where machine is more effective.
Many kudos always to our Executive Director and dear brother Mr. Joseph Seia for all the works he put in too. Yesterday we had the 2020 census crew at our Kent, Washington location and they were able to register 90 people. That’s 90 we could have missed. AWESOME WORK!
Last, but not the least, is our FANTASTIC PASIFIKA YOUTH. You guys are the future Pasifika leaders and to be on the front line of our food drive is a head start. It gives you a perspective of community works, preparations, logistics, planning, leading, and just do hard work. I cannot be more prouder and happier to see you all work together to get the food to our community. 
Now to the Kosraean Family and Friends (KFF) and the First Chuukese Washington Women Association. Thank you very much for coming out again to help deliver the food to your respective communities. It was a collaboration I am so proud of. You guys are fantastic. Thank you Deacon and brother Driskell for your leadership and for getting the much needed help to our Kosraean families. Sisters Ritae and Triple were there too, as usual, and delivered to many of our Chuukese families that don’t have a way of getting to the food site. The rain didn’t stop any of the things you all were doing and the community I am sure is most grateful. 
“You know Cal, the smiles I see when I delivered food to our Kosraeans made me so happy. Thank you and PICAWA for doing this for our Pasifika communities.” Deacon Driskell. Thank you Deacon and brother. All the kudos and thank you are yours for volunteering yours and your family’s precious time to do the delivery to our Kosraean families. It is a blessing from above and I am sure our Pasifika family is so grateful to everyone for all the work we all put in. 
I didn’t know where sister Triple went to deliver, but I spoke with sister Ritae and they were on the way to Bremerton. That’s like an hour away if no traffic, and yesterday was rainy and it was in the afternoon when they started delivering so I am sure it was tough. But nothing these First Chuukese Washington Women Association can’t deal with. They are awesome and the Chuukese community must be grateful for all these work they put in. 

As I wrote before, the Pacific Islander Community Association of Washington’s food drive is now expanded into 3 counties. We started in King and now had expanded into Snohomish and Pierce. Kudos mostly to our brother Joseph Seia for his leadership and all of our PICAWA supporters for making it possible. I must also thank my fellow PICAWA board members for all they do on behalf of our organization. Please visit our website at www.picawa.org to learn more about our organization. 

Because we had expanded into these other counties, our sisters and brothers are stepping up to help get these much needed food to our respective communities. Our sister Joann and family are representing the First Chuukese Washington Women Association in coordinating food deliveries to our Pasifika families in that part of the state. It melted my heart when Joann reported that our PICAWA had delivered more packages to her garage to be distributed and delivered to our Pasifika families. “My garage is open all weekend for food boxes pick up and delivery. Please let them know my house is restricted on Sunday. It’s rest day.” Joann. No worries sis. We’ll let everyone knows. Thank you sister Joann and family for working hard on behalf of our communities. I am certain they are grateful to you and your family. If you live in Snohomish county, Everett to be precise, please reach out to sister Joann or come to our PICAWA food distribution site and get food. Sister Tarseny is also helping up in Snohomish too and I must thank her for all the work she’s doing up there on behalf of our communities. 

Writing these articles are so much fun to me. One, they are about my Pasifika family. Two, we are writing our own story. Three, we are a family! I cannot be more happier to see all these coordination going on. I am drilled! I am so so happy to witness all these fantastic work. My hope is that our Pasifika families everywhere can duplicate what is happening here in the Pacific Northwest. 

If you have families living here in Washington State, please share this website to them, especially the Food Page where they can find the address and locations of our PICAWA food drive. Don’t be shy now, please come on out.

I also want to remind our Pasifika youth and adults alike that you are more than welcome to come out and join us at our food drives. I highly recommend it for our youths. 

Happy Friday everyone and have a wonderful and safe weekend. Please visit us often as we will write updates on all the hard works our brothers and sisters are putting in for our entire Pasifika community. 

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