Thank you PICA WA Youth

The Pacific Island Community Association of Washington(PICAWA) held a food boxes distribution in Kent, WA on Thursday, July 2nd from 11:30AM to 3PM. It was a total success as we distributed food boxes to about 300 families and unloaded 3 truckloads of food boxes. 

This was a volunteering event and I gotta tell you, I am so proud of our Pacifika youth and elders for coming out to help and support the drive.

Our youths especially were so into volunteering and did the hard work for those of us loosing the feel for our knees and stuff. We, the elders, knew we can rely on our young and strong future leaders of the Pacifika Ohana to do the hard part of this event. 

Thank you PICAWA elders!

Our elders supported by one of our youths manning the Counting Post and leading the distributing committee. It was a blessing for our youths to see and learn from the elders. 

A special thank you to our sister Rema for her leadership and awesome organizational skills putting the drive into motion and put everyone into their assigned roles. 

Same goes to Hector and Joseph. Joseph, you are an awesome leader. Thank you for everything you do for our community.

We put a call out for any volunteers from our Pacifika Communities to reach out to us on ways and means of contributing to this effort. Thank you in advance for putting the word out there. 

Thank you Community

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