Holiday Greetings from our family to yours… “Whatever is beautiful. Whatever is meaningful. Whatever brings you happiness. May it be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year.”

By Cal Tiweyang

Let me get it out of the way and wish you and yours the best this holiday season and into the new year 2018. It’s indeed a holy season and one to spend with the most important people in our lives talking about matters dear to our hearts and souls.

In this article, I will share with you what I have picked up in 2017 and hoping to run with it into 2018. Sharing my experience with you with the hope that you will pick up a thing or two yourself from it and run with it into the new year. If not, it’s ok. lol. 

2017 is a very unique year for me as I became a full time Uber/Lyft (ride-share) driver which means  I am all on my own. Believe it or not, as a ride-share driver, you become a business owner, a sole proprietorship. 

To my understanding, sole proprietorship means you as the owner are responsible for all debts related to your business. In other words, you are personally responsible for everything. All you need to know here is that there are several ways to do business, the easiest way is to assume the responsibility personally. Other ways are much more complicated so we won’t go into those. 

“Spend it like the Millionaires do, if not to become one yourself, but very close to it. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow do it like the Millionaires do! ” One day at a time.”

To become a ride-share driver didn’t happen accidentally. It involves lots of planning on a cup of coffee. Took me quiet a while before I decided it’s the right thing for me to do. And to be honest with you, the planning paid off somewhat but lots remained to be seen. And so we move into 2018 with lots to look forward to and 2017 to learn from. 

Before becoming a ride-share driver, I had to do several things to feel safe quitting my job. Number one on the list is buying a home. Second on the list is to secure at least a car that can be abused on a daily basis. Third, ensuring that I had back up plans in place and support from my family. 

I am sure I have already shared my experience buying a home, so I won’t go into detail about that but buying a car specifically for ride-share driving involved a few things. When I was looking for a deal, I knew I am going to need lots of oil changes and lots of car washes. So I went out and bought a contract that has those included so I do not have to worry about them. Another important thing to remember is to look for a car that you can comfortably drive for at least 8 hours. 

For me, the 2016 Chevy Impalas are the best. They have the power, size and safety features for the roadways. And I knew I would rack up miles on these poor things so to minimize that, I decided on buying not just one but two cars. So far so good. 

Now let’s talk about my experience driving and what have I learnt. Well, 99.9999 percent of my customers are AWESOME people. I have picked up rich, middle class and poor people. Even a couple of homeless people. Yes, they smell like crap but to me it’s all about the money. As long as they pay me, it’s all good. Nahhhh. I lied, I can’t stand the smelly people but what can I do. They pay, they go. 

And talking about rich, middle class and poor people, it reminded me of an older gentleman from Kansas. We got into a heated debate about the political climate in the United States. He told me he’s a republican and from the country side of the state of Kansas. I asked him what brought him to a liberal state, and he quickly said it’s because that’s where the rich people are. I said how about Kansas? He said, we think we are rich. I was awestruck and went silenced. 

Quoting this gentleman. “You know there are 3 groups of people living in the United States, beside homeless people. There are the rich, the middle class and the poor. Do you know the simplest way to identify each of these groups?” Of course I said no. “Well, if you go to a poor household, you will find lots of toys, lots of games, lots of movies, and at least an XBOX or PS-Something. If you go to a middle class household, you will find that they have a house, a Camaro or Mustang or a boat. And if you go to a rich household, you will find that they have at least two houses, one for rent, a business and lots of other Investments. It’s their spending habits!” 

He went on to tell me that if everyone spends like the millionaires do, we’ll have more of them than we do today. He said the rich only spend on something that will have an ROI (Return of Investment) on it. 

So ladies and gentleman, going into 2018, let’s spend like the rich people do. May be we will become rich too. Partake in your company’s 401K, open a roth IRA, or open a business instead of buying a boat, a Camaro. Forget the XBOXes, the PS-Somethings, and the toys! Let’s do it together! 

And last but not the least, please understand that the Government Entitlement Programs are meant to help you transitioning from down under the water to above the water. It’s not a PERMANENT fix. 


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