Jun and his fellow island boys presenting the colors.
Jun and his fellow island boys presenting the colors.

Today is a really special day for so many families. It’s time for the Class of 2015 to shine!

And here in the Evergreen state and home to the 2014 Football National Champions, the SEA HAWKS, many of us islanders are proudly enjoying our kids moment. For me, seeing my youngest daughter graduating is a joyful moment. It’s time for her to spread her wings and fly as high as she can.

Lynn showing her FSM colors!

The other day, she came home and asked me to take her to the craft store so she could buy something to decorate her cap with. I had no idea what she was planning but to my surprise she wanted to put the flag of our country, the Federated States of Micronesia on it. She wanted to represent her mother country in the graduation ceremony. I was so happy for her decision. I didn’t tell her but I was so proud to know that she has something in her to think of the Federated States of Micronesia. I thought her generation would just move on. I am glad that I thought wrong…

Just yesterday when I picked up my son after Spring Football practice, he told me he won’t be in his band at her sister’s graduation because they needed him to be in color guard. His best friend got injured so he had to take his place. He hurried me to take him to the barber shop so he could be ready. He confided in me that he’s so nervous because he hadn’t practiced the honor guard steps for a while. I just told him he’s gonna be alright. Then he told me something so fascinating.

He told me that everyone in the honor guard are island boys. He represents the Federated States of Micronesia and his other three friends are from Palau, Samoa and Guam. Isn’t that amazing? I thought so too. lol.

Jun and his fellow Islanders...
Jun and his fellow Islanders…

Seeing these boys presenting the colors during the graduation ceremony was a proud moment for me. I was so happy for these boys, doing this in Federal Way, Washington representing their respective islands is sure a moment to cherish.

I couldn’t be more happier to see my son being part of the honor guard and my daughter representing the Federated States of Micronesia in the Federal Way High School graduating class.

FSM should be proud and the islands must be elated to see that they are so represented here in the evergreen state.

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