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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G

5 - Stars
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5 Star Plus is the Verdict


Alrighty folks, let me be honest and say I have been a fan of Samsung products since many many many moons ago. So I may be bias but I had concluded, without a doubt, this is the best phone on the market today. If the review board allows me, this phone deserves a 100 star plus… 

The overall design is top notch! The size of the display is fabulous. It’s boasting a plus size 6.8 inches and a light weight of 6.9 ounces. This phone hypnotizes you into a totally whole universe all by itself. It goes without saying, it is the best phone Samsung has ever put out and the best phone out there period.

Maximum productivity

Talking about productivity? OMG. This is a PC/TV/PHONE in your palm! The best thing is, you don’t need a USB to connect it to your pc. In fact, you can control the little thing on your pc while it’s charging a couple of floors up. You can text, call your neighbor, listen to all your island favorites, receive text messages, notifications from fb, youtube, twitter and so on and so forth, right from your pc.

Talking about speed? Really? I am afraid this little thing is faster than my pc. I, for sure, need an upgrade. With this S-NOTE 10 Plus in hand, it had almost pushed me to a point of walking into a store to pick up a stronger and more robust pc. It doesn’t feel right to have a phone that is faster than a pc. That’s just my opinion.

For comparison, my pc has 18 GB  of RAM and this guy has a load of 12 GB. It shouldn’t be this close. It flies man. It does. It has a minimum of 256 GB of UFS 3.0 storage. Oh wait, let me tell you. You KungFu fans out there. This phone has a Dragon within it. Let’s call it the Last Dragon? The Seven Dragons of Death?  Hehehehe. It does. It has a SnapDragon 855 processor. And it works like a charm…lol. It’s super fast!

The battery is bigger and better. It powers this thing for a whole lot longer. I can finally take as many hours of video clips as I want without worrying; the battery won’t give up when the fun is just starting. I use some of the top battery killer apps out there, the likes of AmazonFlex, Uber and Lyft apps, Netflix, Youtube, etc… and this thing doesn’t flinch.  It charges super fast too, and it can do so from anywhere!

It’s just blew my mind… I love this damn thing. If you haven’t gotten one, you are really missing out. You gotta have this.

The S-pen is as good as advertised. I agreed, “it puts more power at your fingertips.” Yes, it does. I was flying around controlling my phone from a distance. Hehehe. And the writing feature is amazing. You can do a lot of stuff including controlling the camera in both video and picture modes. You gotta get your hands on one and find out all the little bitty things you can do with it. There’s a lot that I could spend all day listing them here.

If you don’t already know, it’s an android phone. Thus, it means free apps and more. You won’t miss a thing having this phone. It’s the best! The best Note Samsung has ever produced. 

It's Pricey

It’s expensive as heck. It’s the truth. More expensive than a medium build pc, but don’t let that price discourage you from buying one. It’s worth every penny and a lot more. I would spend all the money in the world on an awesome product if it’s worth it. In this case, it is. 

So, the conclusion is: if I can rate this phone higher than a 5 star, I would. 

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