Poor baby!

She needs a plastic surgeon very badly. Do you know of anyone?

Her dents and scratches...

Front Bumper

Front Passenger Wheel/Tire

Passenger Side Doors

Too much...

Stored at Towing Company

Her Story

Greetings and Aloha – Hafa Adai and Kaselehlia – Ran Annim and Mogethin. Welimom and Kulo. As you all can see from the above pictures, she’s got hit!

Thanks to the man above, everyone involved in the accident made it home safely and my truck is now safely at her home awaiting repair. 

When I got the call that she was involved in an accident on Interstate 405, the only thing I was worried about was if everyone riding her was alright. Thank goodness everyone was and that’s all that matters. Another comforting thing to me was the fact she’s fully insured and will be taken care of.

Talking about insurance, I know some of us have driven cars without it and that’s unfortunate because it puts you at risk of personally liable for any damages if and when you found yourself in similar situations. To sleep well, I highly recommend you drive with a licensed and insured motor vehicle at all times. 

To protect yourself from all parties, you need to document every little factual details about your car. In my case, as soon as I received the call, I asked the driver to text/email me a summary of what happened and that’s exactly what he did. 

Unfortunately, the accident happened on a Friday evening, my car had to be towed from the accident scene and stored throughout the weekend, racking up storage fees and stuff. This is where I was most worried because I wasn’t sure how much it was going to cost me. 

Yes I do have insurance and everything, but sometimes I know they required you pay the fees up front and then get reimbursed later. I was hoping it’s not an amount I can’t afford and hearing and reading all the bad stuff online, it sure muddled my mind and confused the brain cells to a point of having to wipe off too much sweats from the forehead. 

When Monday rolled around, all I was thinking about was my car and how to get her out of this tow storage area. 

It was about 10 am when I finally arrived to claim my car but before moving her out of the storage facility, I had to take tons of photos. This is very important to protect yourself from being told later that all these damages may have miraculously appeared after you take your car out of the facility. You don’t want to leave any rooms of doubt on the part of any insurance company you’re dealing with. 

Don’t forget, you must communicate and document everything. You must also get your insurance permission before moving your car, asking them if they’re going to send out someone to inspect the car before it gets moved. Let them know, the reason you’re trying to get it out of the towing facility is to minimize the charges. I am sure they would gladly agree. 

And remember, if you think you can leave your car in there because the insurance will pay for the storage fees, think again. They may come back and say, you left it there for too long! They can only cover up to a certain amount or number of days they deem appropriate, so please protect yourself and move your car to a safe location. 

I was really surprised to find that the cost of my car was to be towed from the accident scene and stored, at least to me,  is reasonable and within my budget. I know the insurance will pay me back for it so it’s all good. 

Before wrapping up, I would advise you to utilize a measuring tape when taking photos to show the insurance company how large/small the scratches or dents are. And please, take tons of photos. Make sure the photos can tell them a complete story on the extend of the damages. 

The angle of the photo is very important because it can tell where exactly on the car is the photo taken. In addition to close up photos, you should also take photos where other identifiable parts of the car is in the picture. And don’t forget to take a picture where the whole car is in it. Oh, and you must take a picture of the Vehicle Identification Number too! 

Now that you have lots of pictures to paint a complete story, you need to get all the receipts and other documents into one safe location whether it’s online or in your garage. 

Oh, I ran out of coffee. Let me go make me a few more cups. Next time, we’ll talk more about my experiences dealing with the insurance adjuster and the shop where my car is eventually get repaired. Stay tuned and good luck. I hope you learn a few things from my own experience.

God bless.


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