Shipping a Vehicle to Hawaii

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Shipping a Vehicle

If you’re planning to transport your vehicle from Oakland, California to Hilo, Hawaii, Matson can offer a variety of helpful services to ensure a seamless experience. Although recent changes have caused the company to cease shipping from the Port of Tacoma, Matson is still providing ocean transportation services from Oakland to Hilo, allowing you to take advantage of their reliable and experienced shipping services.

To guarantee your vehicle’s on-time delivery, it is crucial to schedule your shipment ahead of time, as availability tends to fluctuate frequently. Additionally, before the actual shipment, it is advisable to ensure that your vehicle is operable with functional brakes and tires. All nonessential personal items must also be removed, and the gas tank should not contain more than 25% capacity.

Matson also supplies tracking to allow you to remain updated on the exact location of your vehicle throughout the shipping process. Be sure to contact Matson to learn more about their pricing, features, and services, so your vehicle’s transportation from Oakland to Hilo can be a hassle-free experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about my personal experience transporting a vehicle, I drove my Chevy Suburban from Seattle to Oakland, which consumed an entire day, before flying from Oakland back to Seattle. I had to re-wash the car before I delivered it to Matson, ensuring it was in the most pristine condition possible.

Additionally, due to limited parking space at the Oakland port, it would be best to contact Matson and inquire about how soon you can drop off your vehicle. Once your vehicle has been shipped, you can track it on Matson’s website and contact them if you have any concerns. My Chevy Suburban took 14 days, arriving in Honolulu sooner but had to wait for a barge to transport it to Hilo.

Safely In Hilo, Hawaii

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