calmattShould I cry or should I Laugh out Loud in Happinness? I couldn’t care whether the former or the latter is the way to go, but the truth is I am so elated, over joyed, religiously and madly happy, and just emotionally up high that I can climb mount everest without a problem. I am sure it was a shared feeling amongst all of us that made it to Irving.

We were overjoyed for so many reasons and on so many levels. We were overjoyed for just simply alive and in Irving with families. We were overjoyed in anticipation of celebrating a milestone in our sister, aunt, and niece’s lifetime. We were overjoyed because we have finally met with other members of our family that we knew we had but never had the opportunity to meet and exchange hugs and loves and of course laughs with.

It’s a bright sun of joyness shining on the City of Irving as we all gathered, coming up from Mexico, down from Seattle, out from Hawaii, and down from the great state of New York, Spiriting in from the Sunshine state of Florida, and last but not the least, hopping in from the place where everything that happens stays in Vegas. It was really a moment to remember, where we live, laugh and love.

The only moment I would love and live to forget is the moment I checked into my hotel. I was a GOLD member!, so I thought, until I walked up to the front desk and found out that they changed my room from a two bedroom to a studio. And to add fuel to the fire, the attendant told me it’s ok because he will only charge me the studio rate. Like I was going to pay for a two bedroom rate on a studio!! Should I laugh or drop crying? What the heck? I was so jet lagged that I told him just to hand me the keys. I took the keys and I as I turned he called out to me that he forgot to give me a package as a Gold level member of their hotels. Wow! I’ve worked in the hospitality Industry for over half of my lifetime and not once I treated a Guest like this, especially Club members.tattocarson

You would have already guessed what I had in mind. At around 3 AM, I was already up on my computer looking for another hotel. Yes, that’s what I did at that early hour of my first full morning in Dallas. A few minutes later, I found myself at the front desk of the Residence Inn by Marriot, scratching my head if I really have to stay in this hotel knowing its relationship with Mitt (Sorry I have to add a Political Flavor here). I told myself I can probably try it for once since I knew this hotel brand very well from my days working like a Marine for them. The front desk clerk was very accomodating to the point of having me take my breakfast here instead. He showed me the only available space they had which was doubled the size of the room I had with the other hotel. I knew then, that this is the place for me so I checked in. And yes, the day that I arrived in Dallas has finally begun. Waisted a whole night.

residenceinnThe next thing that happened and caught me by surprise was to find an IN and OUT burger right up the street from my hotel. Why is this significant and has to be in my blog? Well, if you know a little about my Beavs (the Oregon State Football team), you would know why I found this to be amazing. I’ve only heard of this place but never actually tried their burgers, and where is a better place to do that than in Texas. Well, I tried and everything turned out to be as I read and heard from Beaver Nation. It was a blessing to find it here right next to my hotel.

It was really a short stay in Irving and Dallas, but it was worth every second. I enjoyed the company of my family and friends and the weather couldn’t be better.

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