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Our trip to drop off Jayjay at her school in Idaho. It was a 5 hour long drive, maybe a little longer because of the very snowy condition. Driving through the pass was scary. I silently prayed that God guide these hands so that I may not run into someone or hurt someone driving in these conditions.
It’s very scary indeed, especially looking down the ridges. Just writing about it gives me goose pump.


My advise for anyone that brave these conditions is to bring along a lot of supplies of food and water as well as blankets and batteries for the flashlight. And sometimes they close the pass for avalanche control or heavy snow so please plan ahead for that. Do no forget your chains for your tires. And talking tires, be sure to check your vehicle because some vehicles, believe it or not, do not allow chains because it can damage the vehicle. They use the all weather tires that comes with studs in them. Check with your dealership.

Well, if you drive in these conditions, please say a prayer or two, not only for you but also for everyone out there driving. Some of us have to drive in these conditions. I had to or my daughter would be late to her school as she waited at the airport for hours as they delayed and eventually cancelled all flights into her place of schooling. It’s frustrating but the airlines has to be careful for your safety.


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