Our Micronesia Brand is dedicated to the Micronesian Islands which include the FSM, RMI, Palau, CNMI, Guam, and Kiribati. It’s dedication to Micronesian Values, Culture and Tradition.

Kulo Brand

The Kulo Brand is dedicated to the values, culture and traditions of the Island of Sleeping Lady, Kosrae and its people.

Mogethin Line

Celebrating the Island state of Yap, its people and its cultures, traditions, and uniqueness. Mogethin Line consist of images and graphics printed on items and gifts dedicated to the people of the state of Yap.

Kasehlel Brand

Our Kasehlel Brand is purely dedicated to the unique culture and traditions of the Island State of Pohnpei and its people.

Sports “R” Plus

“R” plus stands for RECOGNITION PLUS! It’s to honor athletes of the Nesian peoples on their accomplishments in sports and community.