Rosie and Grandma @Sheraton Hotel

...Trip to Guam

the Growth of the island of Guam. 

The two weeks time was too short, not enough to meet up with all friends, past comrades, and relatives. I hope those that I didn’t have a chance to meet understand that they are in my heart. I will always pray for them and for us to meet in the short distance future. 

Fortunate enough to meet up with some very important people in my life, my nieces, and nephews. We had an awesome time together.


I am not sure if I taught them anything that they can take it with them but I sure learned a lot from them. Life is short, we must all enjoy it. In other words, we only have one life and that has to be lived fully with no regrets. But one thing they promised me is that they will do everything they can to make me proud the next time I visit them.

So far so good. I heard my nieces and nephews are doing pretty good in school and at work. That touched my heart deeply knowing that they, for now, have listened to the words of wisdom, however many as usual, they still hold true to them. 

And for my part, I must do everything I could to visit them one more time in the near future. Guam, I shall return! Kikikik.

Some bits of advice pertaining to traveling that I can share here with the hope that you do not face the same mistake I did going to Guam. First the good. I used my Airline Credit Card to purchase my ticket and that ensured me boarding right after the First Class Group. This ensures you find an overhead bin to store your luggage, plus each traveler in your party get to check in 2 luggage for free. 

Book with the hotel you’re going to stay at and not with a third party reservation company. This will ensure that any problems can be brought directly to the hotel and not a middle man. 

Last but not the least, enjoy your trip!