Finally on the Oregon Coast

This summer is weird. Not sure whether to cry or not. To stay home or roam the country. To hide from everyone or to be in front of the whole world.

One thing clear to me though is that this CoronaVirus is not going anywhere anytime soon. Especially with the kind of mix messaging going on in America. It’s never helped when the messaging is all over the universe, especially when politics find its way into something that has nothing to do with it.

If I learned anything from my many years of leading others, safety was and is always the first priority. It comes before everything. If a team member gets hurt, your work just becomes that much harder. If your whole team gets sick, then you’re without a team. It’s as simple as that.

America needs to operate on that premise, the health and well being of every American should be prioritized. A healthy America means a healthy economy, healthy schools, healthy populace and on and on. The economy will always come after the health and well being of a country’s citizens. The sooner this virus is gone, the sooner the economy will roar back to its glory days.

It still bugs my mind to see facebook posts of our FSM people and Islander Communities in general still not taking this virus seriously. I still see our people gather in groups, travel in groups and pray in groups.

I’ve heard people saying, why let CoronaVirus destroy my culture? People went further and said it’s up to God. He’ll protect me. Let’s start from the latter. God gave us a gift and that is the brain. The brain to think and to analyze every situation so as to protect and expand on God’s creations.

Because of the brain (GOD’S GIFT TO US), we are able to understand that the only way at this point, to protect ourselves, our family, our friends, and those that are vulnerable in our community is to wear masks, practice social distancing, stay home as much as we can, etc… God is protecting us by this gift that he gave us. Yes, it is up to him. And yes, he gave us the brain to think and to do as he expected and taught us; protect each other, our neighbors, our community, his people, his world. Use the GIFT wisely and Intelligently. Satan might have said to Jesus, if you are the true son of God, why don’t you call out his name to come protect you? Sorry people, I am not a BIBLE scientist, but I know God gave us a gift that we must use in times like this.

And culture? Really? What will the culture do if there’s no one left? What is a culture if you are dead? Culture lives when you live. If you die, culture dies with you. If you are that concern about culture, then protect yourself, your family and your community. Keep everyone alive so your culture can continue.
I know I had veered way off topic but I had to say it out loud because God said, spread the good news. And the good news is we have the brains to protect ourselves and our communities and so too our culture.

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Now back to Summer 2020.

The drive was amazing, no traffic, no rain and plenty of sunshine. It was not as stressful as my other drives in the past. I guess experience helped and we’ve got plenty. We’ve been doing this since 2003.

The best part of the drive was going through my favorite city and home to my alma mater, the beautiful city of Corvallis. Once again, I am back into friendly territory and familiar grounds. And the last leg to get to the coast was a cruise. The highway was completed and it didn’t take long to get into camping territory.

This trip is a little different. There are two things I wanted to accomplish. One, to relax the mind and to get as far away as we can from home. Two, am still hunting for that favorite vacation spot where I can call a second home away from home.

I had my eyes focused on this one specific property, but got really discouraged when I finally realized how much it would cost to just simply have the land readied for construction. Too much ifs, and that’s too much for me. I have no patience for this kind of deal. lol. Lots more other options to look at though. So my work continues.

Checked in late, no surprise in that, it’s called Micronesian time, but the problem is that I can’t get the keys to the shower, laundromat and restrooms. Never learned. It has to be this Micronesian in me. lol. At least, we got 30 gallons of water in the RV.

Location was not bad at all. In fact, I really am loving it because it enables me to turn on the generators earlier and leave them on late into the night (Quiet Hours 10PM to 8AM) so I can drive the other highway for as long as I want. Just to clear up the confusions out there, I drive two highways at the same time. One is the i5 and the other is the Internet SuperHighway. Am too spoiled, can’t leave home without it. Hehehe. I didn’t even remember the days of no smart stuff, just the simple life.

Well, the plan for today, BEACH, BEACH, BEACH and TUNA FISH…

First Day Summer 2020

Camping has always been my favorite free time undertaking

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Covid19 Vaccination Experience – Why you should get it asap.

Let me say this, many thank yous to the awesome Pacific Islander Community Association of Washington (PICAWA), specifically brother Joseph Seia for what he did and does for our community. Beautiful humans of PASIFIKA are, at least in the state of Washington, taken care of in the so many little ways PICAWA is pushing through, whether it be food drives, gift cards, housing assistance, covid tests, or vaccinations. PICAWA is at the forefront of keeping all of us a little safer. And I might add, get a little recognition from the other humans. Hehehe. Way to go PICAWA! Brothers Joseph and Toka can keep on bugging me. 

It’s in no small parts with PICAWA that we got the chance to get vaccinated a little earlier and I am here to tell you it’s ok to get yours too when your turn comes up. My wife, our youngest son and myself got the PFIZER vaccine and the only complaint I had was soreness at the spot. It was more hurtful than any other vaccines I had taken. Otherwise, nothing more beyond that.

2021 is a Super Busy Year So far

Now my wife is having a second thought about selling our house. She started yesterday upon finding out that I am spending almost $10K on these units alone. She was not having a good day yesterday. Complaining all day why I had to get a new ac when it’s not required and stuff. 

The Remodeling

In order for me to go fishing, I gotta finish what needs to be done first. And that’s why I am busy every day now remodeling all the rooms in my house.

Pasifika work continues, even in the rain

“You know Cal, the smiles I see when I delivered food to our Kosraeans made me so happy. Thank you and PICAWA for doing this for our Pasifika communities.” Deacon Driskell of Kosrae.

Chuukese Washington Women Delivering Food to Chuukese in Longview

One more thing, we will have a LIVE interview on Facebook on Monday, September 12th at 6PM. We will talk everything from COVID19, our FCWWA organization and its services, Housing Assistance, Health Insurance, etc… We have a VERY SPECIAL guest, his honorable and our very own Consulate General, Joe Enlet. Please reserve the time and spot so you can join us live. 

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