photo credit: Inson Namper

As an islander, I’ve had my shares of living through monster typhoons such as June in 1975 on Ifalik, Orchid in 1987 on Ulithi, and Omar in 1992 and Paka in 1997 on Guam, but nothing compared to looking in from thousands of miles from the North East of our islands. It was a new experience all together for me and I am sure for the rest of you islanders outside our islands.

The feeling of helplessness was just too much for many of us, including myself. As you can see it on my FB, I kept crawling out of bed looking at Google Earth to see if I can learn anything new about where this monster was located and affecting. Cyrilla Igalsemal put it this way, “Thank you Cal for this post, I think I have nothing to say, just some sad tears. I cant function any more at work…oh God…” Martha McSweeney put it this way, “Please keep us posted as soon as anything is known. My prayers are with the gentle people of these beautiful islands.” And Jane Saisai said it like this, “Prayers, dear God protect the islands from this strong storm that approach them. Watch over the safety of your people Amen.”

Everyone of us know one thing, God is the only person controlling everything. He’s the only one we can turn to for his mercy and love and ask him to be there for our people. And as devastated and tragic Maysak was, it could be worse. God, thank you!

Sapou, Uman ***picture credit to my bro… Inson Namper

Maysak really freaked the heck out of my mind. I had never thought of using Google Earth, but the news I was getting out of Chuuk got my attention and thought it would be a good idea to look into it further. The minute I downloaded Google Earth on my pc, I went looking for a favorite spot in Chuuk, the little island of Fonou. I found it but I had no idea how to mark it for easy reading, even through the clouds. That’s when the urge of learning a few things GE got me going and walla, it got all interesting and had me followed this monster as it made its way through the islands.

For whatever reason, GE decided not to mark the names of some islands like Feraulap, Eauripik and West Faiyew although they name some other weird little islands in the middle of nowhere. WTH GE. Okay, okay, I got it. You intend to make me learn your little tricks, yeah? Ok, good thinking.

Back to Maysak, I read somewhere it is the strongest monster ever recorded this early in the typhoon season. Wow. Is it because of the Green House effect? Are our islands more vulnerable now? Do we have any solutions in sight? Read my other post here, funny post but it’s the truth.

If anything that can calm the mind, it’s the fact that our people are some of the most resilience being on this planet. We are the people of the ocean after all and we have the tools, the know hows, and the passion to live. We co exist with typhoons, fish and octopus! Hahaha. I can now make fun of our lives but oh boy, that was intense. I wasn’t sure if I must follow it on GE or just stay completely in the dark.

Btw, if you ever wonder about the photos we made to use on my fb page for the updates, you can see it all by clicking here. Or simply on the Maysak menu at the top of this site. Please continue to thank our heavenly father and pray that our people cope well with the aftermath of such a monster.

I thank you for tagging along and let’s all hope we do not have to do this again…

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