Happy Birthday Angelica – A Night of Family Fun

Angelica Tommy AikenHappy Birthaday and God bless! Happy Birthday! May the Lord bless you and guide you on your special day. May he grant you a peaceful and satisfying life ahead. A very happy birthday to you. Love, the family Celebrating Angelica’s 1st Birthday It was a night full of fun with family and friends, […]

Chuukese are the real winners – FSM remains

Aside from thanking the man above, we must tip our hats and bow our heads to the Commander of Unity, the Educator of Diversity and our dear President, his excellency Manny Mori. We all witnessed his urgency to dispel the unfortunate, unfounded, uncalled for undertaking by some for the state of Chuuk to part ways […]

Harsh reality of a Chuuk Independence – ke pach, ke tento

Is Chuuk ready for Independence? If you follow the Chuuk Political Status Commission, the answer is an astounding YES. But others don’t think so. For this article, I would try to confront this issue point by point to at least get some views across to my audience that may have missed the commission’s hearings and […]

FSM without Chuuk – The People’s Republic of Chuuk

Hello my fellow Chuukese and all my valued Ifagalz followers. I am a little tired writing about the election in Yap so it’s time I turn the page for some Chuukese stuffing. lol. Before drowning myself in this fascinating topic, let me play you my favorite Chuukese song. It fits into this discussion because some […]

Why Chuukese are hated on Guam and in Hawaii?

Before I delve into this very potent topic and try to answer the very important question of why our beloved Chuukese are hated on Guam and Hawaii, let me say my KAPONGS and FAIROS as well as a humongous show of respect to those hard working men and women of Chuuk out in the communities […]