Recycling in Yap – What it tells us?

Recycling on Yap What can we learn from it? Guess what? Got up this morning to go driving people around and helped in literally moving America, but found my front driver side tire flat out on its tummy so I came back to my room to write about what I think the recycling process on […]

Chuukese are the real winners – FSM remains

Aside from thanking the man above, we must tip our hats and bow our heads to the Commander of Unity, the Educator of Diversity and our dear President, his excellency Manny Mori. We all witnessed his urgency to dispel the unfortunate, unfounded, uncalled for undertaking by some for the state of Chuuk to part ways […]

Why Chuukese are hated on Guam and in Hawaii? Part II

First of all, many blessings to everyone that commented on my first blog regarding this issue without regards to whether you agree, understood, disagree or simply ignorant. I am humbled by the show of interest in this topic. I wasn’t really expecting that much feedback because I thought my blog was a mere tiny fraction […]