FSM Represented

Remember this, “You can take the man out of the islands but you cannot take the islands out of the man?” That’s exactly how I felt when walking into the Cafeteria for and AVID gathering of parents and students and found the FSM flag hanging on the wall. It was a great scene for sure. […]

Peace Corp Program Ending in Palau but Lives on in Micronesia

Congratulations to the Republic of Belau (PALAU) for graduating from the Peace Corp Program. This is a huge thing because it showed that Palau is much better off in terms of its economic and social stability than the rest of Micronesia. The downside, though, is that this will not help those that needed this program […]

Why Micronesians RELIGIOUSLY hating on each other?

I am a Catholic, baptised into it when I was a child, of course without my consent cuz I was too babyish to understand. Can I change my religion now that I can make my own decision? Why not? Do I have to? Why? Is it necessary? Lots of questions. I guess the answer of […]

North Korea and Micronesia – Anything in Common?

Now that North Korea is basically talked about on every news organization, I would like to take a stab at it and see if there are lessons Micronesia should learn from them. Isolation? Yes. Kimchee? Yes. Drama? Yes. Dictatorship? Maybe. Island? No. Rice? Yes. Poor? Maybe. Now let’s look at how aggressive the new leader […]