Sounds and sights of the 7th Day of Novena – Portland, Oregon

[codepeople-html5-media-player id=7] Made it to Portland, Oregon at around 6:45, checked in to the hotel, prepped and head straight to Tio’s house for the Novena. We missed the Novena but made it to the Food Service. I was just lucky, I didn’t it time it out to be that way. lol. Recorded the music and […]

Peace Corp Program Ending in Palau but Lives on in Micronesia

Congratulations to the Republic of Belau (PALAU) for graduating from the Peace Corp Program. This is a huge thing because it showed that Palau is much better off in terms of its economic and social stability than the rest of Micronesia. The downside, though, is that this will not help those that needed this program […]