Henry Falan for Governor
Jesse Salalu for Lt. Governor

Team Falan & Salalu

Greetings from Team Henry Falan and Jesse Salalu, to the wonderful people from the Paradise Island, State of Yap, where money is made of stone but the heart is soft.
We hereby declare our united candidacy with the conviction that the state of affairs in our Government and Society, is in dire need for systemic CHANGE and dynamic ACTION.


We thank and praise our Heavenly Father as we humbly begin our journey with a global perspective, from the dynamic work of character references as Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, and Barack Obama; we turn to focus locally on Father Apollinaris Thal’s Thesis on “Coping with Change.” Convincingly, we profess that a common thread amongst these great and inspirational leaders is a fundamental reverence to God almighty, the Creator of the universe, with whom everybody matters (even the indigent), and whose abundant love for mankind has no boundaries and holds no grudges against anybody.

We are keenly cognizant of our limitations as human beings, as well as the myriad challenges that lie ahead, but we believe strongly that if there is a will there is a way because if it were easy anybody can do it. After all, politics is a brutal business. You have to do what you love and love what you do and be driven by your own ambition. Right now, we are behind the wheels of our own ambitions and ready to roll.

Having observed 15 years of the First Compact and an additional 15 years under the Second Compact (for a total of 30 bygone years) there remains only 5 more years before 2023 when the guaranteed compact funding is scheduled to end.

We feel we are greatly challenged in Yap today that we might be experiencing a severe social and economic anxiety. This needs a dynamic combustion to break away from the politics of fear because it inhibits creativity and causes lack of progress which impedes any and all meaningful development efforts, resulting in stagnation for three decades. Furthermore, we need to guard ourselves against potential greed and corruption.

We are further challenged with providential hope to unite all Yapese hearts into a common purpose of changing attitude to employ positive mindsets as a way forward beyond 2023.

Our Team proposes to rally and empower all stakeholders to embark upon the following ambitions:

  1.  Bring Government back to the people who are the rightfulowners, so that Government can be trusted once again by the Yapese people, whose resiliency were once the pulse of survival in the islands;
  2.  Recapture the Yapese Spirit and give vitality to her culture and traditions;
  3.  Foster an invigorating sense of civility and dignity between and amongst fellow citizens;
  4.  Develop a strong sense of ownership through participation in the collaborative public decisions, which are community based, with greater involvement of family units which are so precious and important to all of us;
  5.  Step up and try big ideas to solve big problems;
  6.  Vehemently try to do good and do right by developing a constructive and  responsible agenda.
Our Team advocates Governing with a rigorous determination to launch and embark upon systemic change and dynamic reform efforts to:
  1.  Strengthen accountability throughout Government;
  2.  Improve transparency at all levels of Government including, Agencies of Government, Boards, Commissions, and Committees;
  3.  Enhance manpower development resources through Education;
  4.  Protect and foster the natural and cultural heritage of Yap;
  5.  Promote primary health care and improve clinical services;
  6.  Improve existing infrastructure facilities and enhance their respective capacity to absorb economic growth;
  7.  Improve public safety and security;
  8.  Engage in a wide range of overseas assistance; 9) Promote relevant foreign investment as a key to jump start and stimulate meaningful growth in the economy.
 Ultimately, we are advocating to creating a self-reliant, self-sustaining, and vibrant economy that is indigenous and dynamic in character but not patterned after foreign blue prints.
We believe this to be the true and authentic Yapese way. Therefore we are encouraging vehemently that each and every one of you, (whether you are a native-born Yapese or a significant friend of Yap) be proactive and take preponderant responsibility to advocate the Yapese way, in every way, all the way.
Once and for all, we make the ultimate appeal to our fellow Yapese citizens to be proactive and take time to go to the polls on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, 2018 and cast your favorite vote of confidence.
For those of you living abroad, you can visit Yap State Gov.org and click on the election link wherein you can find both the appropriate forms and procedures to make your vote count.
Help us change the odds and make a difference in the lives of Yapese today and tomorrow. Remember to be somebody and not just anybody.
Try not to let the lyrics of the local song ring bells in your ears and echo the popular verse: “ke too late ni aram e Gur.”
Ngad ted riy ni wodrogon nib ma’gan Got ngaa!
God bless the wonderful people that once were, and the Paradise Island that was meant to be.
Kamagar, Hoisa Hachigchig, and Thank you all so much!
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