FSM Community Day

Celebration of our Micronesian Heritage and the 40th year anniversary of the FSM (Federated States of Micronesia) Constitution, held at the Blue Lake Regional Park located at 20500 NE Marine Drive, Fairview, Oregon 97024. 

What is it for?

I guess you may have missed the subtitle/description above, and because it's such an important question, I decided to repeat myself here to ensure every FSM citizen knows. It's a celebration of our heritage plus the 40th anniversary of the FSM Constitution. Very important we come together and celebrate.

FSM First Lady Patricia Edwin Meeting Citizens

What a beauty the weather was yesterday. I didn’t believe it was going to be super sunny in Oregon because it was raining up north across the Columbia river. I guess the state of Washington is crying out of jealousy because I, the son of the state of Oregon, is leaving her to get back to where the root is. Hehehehe. Please calm down, dear Washington.

The drive was short compared to the Utah drive, but the traffic was just horrendous. Not until I reached the Paradise Point State Park in Washington state when I realized it was a Labor Day Weekend. By then, I knew I was going to be late to the 10:30 AM start of the 2nd Micronesia Community Day. It was frustrating because I promised myself to get there on time. 

But thanks to LIVE FEEDS, we were able to see the beginning of the program, otherwise we would have completely missed out on the first part. Got to give it up to all those LIVE FEEDERS!

Crossing the Columbia river, the sun was smiling and the state of Oregon was glad to have its son back. It’s been a while, a few days I think. You may say it’s not too long, but when living in another state and your heart is in another, it’s a terrible feeling. It’s all good now that I found myself driving on the beautiful Marine Drive again.

From the FSM State of Kosrae - the Island of Sleeping Lady

Wow and Wow! Yes, it was a sight to enjoy, a beautiful park full of familiar faces. Smiling faces of all four states into one FSMer. Or shall I say, pretty Island girls! Hehehehe. Ok, Ok. Too much fun here. 

Now that I got that off my chest, let’s get a little serious here. 

The FSM Community celebration, in my humble opinion, was a success! Let me say it out loud, I feel terrible I was not able to help in whatever capacity I can. I am a huge fan and supporter of such an undertake and not being able to take part in this one is frustrating. But just being there, to be present, and to show support, is relieving as it lessens the pain to a bearable degree. 

Seeing the FSM President, his excellency, Mr. David Panuelo, the speaker of the FSM Congress, Mr. Wesley Simina, and various other leaders from both the Federated States of Micronesia and the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon, was a pleasure and an honor. Kinisou Chapur, Kahlangan, Kammagar and Kulo from the ifagalz.com family and its valuable followers. You honored and humbled us by your presence! I am sure every FSM citizen that was there, or watched the LIVE FEEDS, was humbled and honored. 

It was nice seeing our leaders mingle with the citizens and enjoyed each other’s company in celebration of our unique Micronesian heritage and of course the creation of our FSM constitution. 


We may live in Washington or Oregon, but we are humble FSMers. We recognize our duty, as President Panuelo said, living here in America, we are representatives of our country in every way. If I understood him right, he was saying, as Guests of the American family, we must do our best to live within the confines of the American culture, law and regulations. In other words, We must respect the American people!

Please watch the video of President Panuelo’s speech to citizens living in the Pacific Northwest in its entirety. And while at it, I ask that you please subscribe to our ifagalz channel. It’s important that we reach our goal of at least 1,000 subscribers so we can show you high quality live feeds. We are not, in Youtube’s eyes, qualified to do that just yet. With your help, we can do it. So please hit this LINK TO SUBSCRIBE and help us reach our goal. 

Back to topic! lol. Everything about this day was perfect aside from the traffic and the very fact that I missed the performance of my dear Salem family. My apologies to brother Dave Bernard and our elders. And many thank yous to you all for representing, and for all the work you put into this. 

I almost couldn’t say it, but I must. It’s not because I don’t want to but rather because everyone already knows. Our Consulate General and brother, Joe Enlet, was a true leader of all stripes morphed into one human. I wish we have more like him. I really do. What he has done for the FSM community in his very short tenure was amazing, and was happy to witness the FSM President agreed with this sentiment, and said it out loud himself, that he had nominated Mr. Enlet again to continue in this capacity. On behalf of the ifagalz family, here right now, I petition our FSM congress to confirm Mr. Enlet to continue helping us here in the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you CG Joe for all the works you do and will continue to do on behalf of all of us, your citizens. 

Guess whom I met for the first time in person? No, it’s not President Trump. It’s not Russel Wilson, nor Tom Brady. It’s our very own singer and song writer, Mr. Pat Martinez. Him an another gentleman were there keeping everyone shaking them boogies… And I must say many KINISOU, KAHLANGAN, KAMMAGAR, and KULO to the many ifagalz followers that came up and introduce themselves to me yesterday. I was surprised but humbled by your following. Thank you.

All in all, it was a great presentation and looking forward for an even bigger and better one next year.

Please don’t forget to check out our GALLERY and visit our Ifagalz Youtube channel for more pictures and videos from this awesome gathering.

I am pleading to our Micronesian brothers and sisters to please look out for announcements and postings about future FSM gatherings and let’s hope and pray that we can all come together again next year to celebrate. God bless you and God bless the people of the Federated States of Micronesia. 

Island of Oneop

FSM President David Panuela with red lei cheering and partaking in the Island of Oleop Performance. 


Girls from the Island of Faichuuk enjoying the beautiful day and the company of their fellow FSMers.

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Micronesia Leave me Alone.

Oh Micronesia, please leave me alone in peace. I am here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and am enjoying the calls of the seals and sea lions, the buoy horn sirens in the distance, and the humming and roaming of my two generators. Enjoying the sunrise and the smell of the Pacific Coastal waters. 

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