Good morning Ifagalz valued followers. I am writing this from the comfort of home sweet home. We made it safely back here from the very enjoyable drive. I honestly wish, we’d continue the drive all the way to Florida but it was not part of the plan. We’ll leave that for the next adventure.

The wedding of Riabwo and Lynbwo went without a hitch. I am sure you can figure that out by watching our videos on our YOUTUBE channel. Everyone had a good time, especially the groom and bride, or we can now call them, husband and wife. 

We cannot thank Riabwo’s family enough for all they did. And the girls of course, on both sides, leading by Dee and Jen. Y’all did a fabulous job! 

The goodbyes started the moment we left 850 West 1600 South in Clearfield, Utah. For some reason, I was in high spirit and felt like I can drive the United States of America and probably even into Mexico or Canada. The excitement and the fun atmosphere, especially the chanting of WANONG ENA EW, CHANA struck something in me given me a shot of some energy I cannot understand. 

When we arrived back in Layton, there was no one home at the apartment, so I had to wait in the car listening to more charming Chuukese music while the girls waited on the lawn right outside apatment 2B. 

To outsiders, our girls sitting on the lawn, outside the apartment were kuraizee but to us, it was all part of the fun. We call it a hangout in the parking lot. It didn’t take long before someone showed up with the key and let us all in. 

We all gathered and talked stories until about midnight when we left them to head up the mountains to our AIRBNB. We took Interstate 15 up to Ogden, stop at Winco Foods for bottled water and then took SR 39/Ogden Canyon to our Condo. 

I wouldn’t recommend taking SR39 heading up the mountains, especially at night, but for me, turning back down Interstate 15 and then Interstate 84 East is just too much of a drive. I had to go to get some rest before the long drive in the morning. Ooops, it’s already morning. 

The clock in my head was on automation, so before long, I was up and found myself brewing the French Roast coffee. My partners on this trip were still fast asleep so I took my time drinking my coffee and enjoyed the morning breeze out on the back porch overlooking the PINEVIEW RESERVOIR. I assumed it’s a man made lake but I have not a clue. 

Found out later, this is were Utahns spend their time on the beach. Please don’t laugh. It’s a reality here in deep country! And for tourists, like myself, people from Utah are UTAHNS. It’s probably pretty close to UDAHN MAWH SEREPEIN… wAKAKAKAKAKZ… Nah, I think it’s pronounced YOU DAWNS! 

Anyways, got to resort to yelling to wake my partners up so we can prep the Condo before heading out. 

My host for this trip was Brad and he was awesome. Very responsive and accommodating. He allowed us to check into his unit before our actual check in time, way way early and we really appreciated it because we were so drained from the 5 hrs drive from our last stop in Boise, Idaho. 

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Brad’s Unit was just perfect for the 3 of us. It has a King Size bed in the main room upstairs and a queen in the room downstairs, as well as a sofa bed in the living room right off the kitchen. 

It’s obvious that I got the King Size Bed and it was firm and comfy and lots of pillow to hug. If you’re a host, remember I needed lots of tall pillows to hug at night. Hehehehe. 

Temperature in Utah was just perfect at around 80 and dry. As a Seattleite, I still needed a cooler temperature at night and this unit had just the perfect cooling unit with a smart thermostat. It kept me well slept the entire time. 

I’ve been a guest on airbnb since my trip to Guam for the FestPac in 2016 so I had a little bit of experience. I have a few advice for anyone interested. Treat your host’s property like your own and remember to read the house rules before you make your reservation so you don’t have surprises later on. And please follow those house rules to detail.

After every stays, you and your host give a rating of 1 to 5, 5 being the best and I cannot stress how important your rating is. Hosts will always look at the rating because it tells them how good of a guest you are. And if I was a host, I will always take a 5 star rated guests before anyone else.

Remember, this is a two way street. If you’re a host, you want your property to be a top rated property so to attract more guests.

I highly recommend you sign up using my LINK HERE so you can have the bonuses they offer new members. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me by using our contact us page. 

Now that I have all my belongings and partners out of the unit, time to take lots of photos and videos too. I highly recommend this to protect yourself. 

Be sure to take pictures of all the contents of the unit, even the decors. I’d always take pictures and videos before and after just in case I missed something. 

Left the Condo at the Lakeside Village View and the beautiful town of Huntsville at about 7:09 in the morning and drove about 31 minutes on 26.1 miles route to say our goodbyes and picked up and ice-chest of Utah pig parts, courtesy of Riabwo’s fam, and then head straight for Boise, Idaho.

The drive was smooth and comfy all the way with just a couple of stops for sightseeing and whatnot, otherwise just a perfect scenic drive through mountains and hills. 

When we’re close to Boise, we decided to stop at the Owyhee Park so we can have our lunch, take a walk in the park and then head over to our hotel. We arrived at Owyhee Park at exactly 12:47 pm local time. 

Ice Chest Full of food in my hands and chased by my two companions, I headed for a table that was in the middle of the field and awesomely located under two big trees. I was rushed by the smell of the food, left over from the reception the prior day, and the thought of getting to the salted mackerel first. 

Left the park at exactly 1:58 pm Boise time and headed for the hotel. 

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Owyhee Park in Boise, Idaho

Lunch Break

The hotel I booked this time was the same exact hotel I booked on our way to Utah. I earned 3 free nights from that interaction so what a better way of paying them back. Free stay means free food, free shower, free electricity, free everything. Hehehehe. 

Actually, I wanted to experience it because it was a pretty new property acquired by the corporate company that I have a senior membership of. It was not so much of a pay back but rather a curiosity of mine trying to learn how and why the corporate chose such a property. As they say, the devil is always hidden in the details… lol 

Not surprising enough, or I am so immunized to their treatment, that I laughed this one off.  These peeps had my sister’s room ready but not mine. What a shame! Hahahahahaha. 

This was against my cultural norms where the brother always get the priority. In this case, they should have gotten my room ready first, even if it means hiring more housekeepers. Thanks goodness, it seems my cry for help from Guam is going to be paid off since people are applying for the housekeeping jobs in Boise. Good job Guam! We need more people out here. Hehehehehe. 

Before heading to bed, I had to at least put two video clips of the wedding online for our fams throughout the globe. I was very sure they all wanted to be part of the wedding but for various reasons, they weren’t able to make it. 

And I am fully aware that all the live feeds that others put out there were all in low quality and tough to really experience what was going down. 

I decided I would put the Ceremony in one video and the rest by parts in no particular order.

To my amazement, a lot of people were actually waiting for my videos. I was a little annoyed by all the messages I received wanting more videos because they actually slowed my process down. But all in all, I was able to write my first article and posted three videos from my hotel room. 

Breakfast was awesome, a typical one for this brand of hotels. The only strange thing I observed was this tall dude towering everything, almost like a TSA agent waiting to look at your passport or something. I wasn’t sure what his purpose was but it’s not something I am a fan of. I don’t want anyone towering over me while having breakfast. It was just weird… Corporate please do something. Hehehehe. 

Room was awesome with a few things needed to be updated. The fridge needs to be thrown out. The carpet needed replaced and the tv has to go. Every hotel, especially new hotels, should by now have Smart TV’s… I cannot even watch YOUTUBE on this damn thing!

It was awesome they had hardwired internet and of course wifi but the tv needs upgrade to a smart tv. 

All in all, the stay at the hotel was good.

Now, on to my home state of Oregon and home to Washington. 

Leaving Boise, Idaho

Heading for the state of Oregon and on to Washington State

6486 UT-39, Huntsville, UT 84317

3131 S Owyhee St, Boise, ID 83705

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