It was a beautiful drive and I had to say it, it was nice to finally enjoy the view while someone else is driving. Well, at least half of the distance. 

Spokane is happening this weekend. One of our nieces is saying I do, and as a proud uncle and aunt, we won’t miss it. 
Funny fact, it was the same weekend 3 years ago that we made another trip; that time was to Utah for another niece’s wedding 💑.  As a matter of fact, it was the last time we drove on I90. 

Drive was perfect, smooth and easy with no traffic and didn’t see an inner lane hugger. Those we left them on I5, mostly HUSKY fans.  Laughing out Loud.
3 hours later, I found myself inside a small Hawaiian Food Takeout. Was starving for island food. Liked the Kalua pig but the katsu was plain as heck. It’s after I finished the Kalua large plate when I realized I didn’t see any islanders patronage nor islander cook at the place. It’s for non-Hawaiian food eaters! 

It’s a good thing I finished the plate before realizing all that. I wouldn’t recommend that place at all. At least, not to my fellow islanders. But if you haven’t tasted Hawaiian foods, it’s all good then. It’s the closest you can get in this area. 
Beautiful Sunny day at one of the rest areas lining the I-90 corridor.
Hotel was decent, but the entrance was confusing as it sits on the airport property. You have to drive through the pickup zones to get to the hotel entrance. 

It is a 2 star brand new hotel with the highest rating in the area. Room was modernized and lacked hardwire ethernet connection, which was weird cuz it feels as if they’ll get a lot of business clientele that need the service. 
Sleep was comfortable. We have the King and the kids have the sofa and the Trundle bed. Breakfast was decent, but they didn’t have biscuits nore gravy. The coffee corner was great, but they may need to spread it out a little because the line was taking up too much space. 
Wifey getting us coffee from the coffee station.
The front desk area.

I will give this hotel a 5 star rating because of its location and the amenities are there to move it from a 2 star hotel to a 3 star one. The team of associates manning this property are great. They give 5 star service. I will definitely come stay here if the man above allows me another trip to this part of the state. 

Sunrise in the city of Spokane @ the airport
Breakfast on Weekends from 7 to 10
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