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Please continue Stay Home, Stay Healthy. When doing Essential trips, wear a mask. 6 Feet apart, not 6 feet under. Frequently wash those hands with soap and water, sanitizer if need be. Constantly cleaning and sanitizing the house. Remember to open all windows to freshen up the indoor air when sanitizing or using chemicals for cleaning. NO TIME TO FOOL AROUND UNTIL A VACCINE IS FOUND! Click buttons below to subscribe to our channel and enjoy. Be safe and God bless.

Rescue/Aisek Team

Here is the Rescue & Aisek Team, your candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor for the 2021 Chuuk State Election. They both are very educated and very experienced individuals holding various positions for many years, in both the private and public sectors. Their team motto is SONUMI ANGANGA TUFICHIN CHUUK.

Recycling on Yap

So it’s a great thing that our state of Yap is leading in recycling but we must also understand that if we stay true to our local ways of subsistence farming and food making, there will be no need for a recycling process. 

American Dream

Before leaving the islands, please understand something. In America, we live on money. Without money, there’s not much you can do. And to have money, you have to work really hard. Some of us have to have two jobs and probably spent most of our days at work.

The Grill

Well, I haven’t had a propane grill for a long time. Almost forgot how to use one.

As I was making my way around Home Depot, navigating the Social Distancing Best Practices, I came across this specific model and it caught my attention. 

The price was attractive and so I stopped to take a look. It was a pretty neat grill and what really surprising to me was how cheap it was.

I’ve never seen a stainless steel propane grill for that price but this trip was not to buy a grill so I left without buying it. 

On my way home, I stopped at Costco just because I didn’t see the normal long lines spiraling around the building. Found 50 lbs. rice and they now cost almost $28, up from about $25. Bought a couple of nice steak packs before heading home.

Got home safely when I realized the freezer has no ice-cream, cookie ice-cream that is. Looking at the time, it was exactly when my other half ready to head home. 

Next thing I know, I was in Winco Foods grabbing cookie ice-cream buckets out of their freezer. Next to the hot-dog section and then the coffee aisle but had to stop to grab a fillet of wild caught salmon. 

Got home a couple hours later and was ready to take a shower before settling in when my other half asked me what to do with the hot-dogs, steaks and the salmon fillet.

It was like I always wanted, finding an excuse to convince my Yobo there’s a need for a grill. To be honest, my mind was already made up. I just had to find a way to convince her, we needed a grill.

Stay Home, Stay Safe - King County

Reviewing the Grill

5 stars

Ok guys, I have to say this is one of the best grills I bought so far, but give me a couple of years before I can say for sure. As of this moment, I will give this grill a solid 5-star.

The price was not bad. It was $30 off for $269.00 when the regular price was $299.00. 

Tried it out cooking steaks, salmon and hot dogs and boy it was perfect. I noticed how quickly it can get to the right temperature. It was a perfect catch!

The reviews online was not too great but seeing that the manufacturer was responding to every situation told me this guys meant business. They’re behind their products and one of the reasons I decided to go ahead and make the purchase.

The best features are the Electric Igniter, the temperature gauge, the stainless steel racks, the removable catch tray and especially the Home Depot, NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED deal. Picked it up ready to be fired up. 

Now, the Grill is ready. Can’t wait for Covid19 to go away so we can all get together again. 

Spring is Upon us!

I would rather have a coconut tree with tuba than what I have here, but I guess this is the closest we can get living here in the Pacific Northwest.  There’s really nothing like home. 

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Poor Plants

Since Spring is in full swing and flowers are starting to bloom, let me tell you a story about these poor plants that got obliterated at one time or another. Too much regret on the mind.

If I could rewind my life back to 1989, I would take up Agriculture or Botanic or something related to plants and the environment at then the Community College of Micronesia. It’s so that I can be able to identify plants from weeds. 

The very first time I built these flower beds in my front yard, I went and bought some prettyfull plants with its flower in full bloom. The guy I bought the plants from told me to dig up the flower beds every spring.

I did exactly as I was told and every spring I would go back and bought more of the same plants and planted them. I guess my neighbor was wondering why every spring I would buy the same exact type of plants. She came over and told me those plants can regrow every spring. I don’t need to keep buying new plants.

I was shocked but confused because the guy I bought plants from never mentioned anything about this. I guess he was happy I bought regularly from him. 

So, last spring I just aerate the flower beds by digging up the dirt and mixed it nicely. To my amazement, they came roaring back.

I laughed out every time I thought of this and pretty sad at the same time because I literally destroyed these plants time and again thinking they were weeds.  

Read to understand and follow the guidelines. Click on each image to see it more clearly. Please share in our Pacific Island's Communities. Click button below for the downloadable PDF version.

Spring is here!

Stay safe and God bless

in this moment…

Quotes of the hour

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” Lady Bird.

“The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.” Japanese Proverbs