The Crab Wall at the Pike’s Place…

Thank God for giving us the Day Light Savings – a couple of hours to spare on my weekend off is a blessing, no, it’s a gift from above. lol. Did you forget to reset your time? Were you too early to work? No worries, just get used to it. See, that’s an awesome way of getting yourself into a new rhythm.

For those of you on the islands – where the weather and climate never change, except for the sea level rising, here is a little lesson from our friends on Wikipedia;

Daylight saving time (DST)—also summer time in British English— is the practice of advancing clocks during the lighter months so that evenings have more daylight and mornings have less. Typically clocks are adjusted forward one hour near the start of spring and are adjusted backward in autumn.[1]

The modern idea of daylight saving was first proposed in 1895 by George Vernon Hudson [2] and it was first implemented by Germany and Austria-Hungary starting on 30 April 1916. Many countries have used it at various times since then. Much of the United States used DST in the 1950s and 1960s, and DST use expanded following the 1970s energy crisis. It has been widely used in North America and Europe since then.

The practice has been both praised and criticized.[1] Adding daylight to evenings benefits retailing, sports, and other activities that exploit sunlight after working hours,[3] but can cause problems for evening entertainment and other occupations tied to the sun (such as farming) or to darkness (such as firework shows).[4][5] Although an early goal of DST was to reduce evening use of incandescent lighting (formerly a primary use of electricity[6]), modern heating and cooling usage patterns differ greatly, and research about how DST currently affects energy use is limited or contradictory.[7]

DST clock shifts present other challenges. They complicate timekeeping, and can disrupt meetings, travel, billing, record keeping, medical devices, heavy equipment,[8] and sleep patterns.[9] Software can often adjust computer clocks automatically, but this can be limited and error-prone, particularly when DST dates are changed.[10]

Now that you know what the heck is Daylight Savings, let’s move on to where the day began for me.

The day began at Denny’s Restaurant next to the Seatac Airport, on my mission to find Guam Slam in the mainland United States. As always, coffee and more coffee and then a plate of eggs and some meat. I took a few minutes to go on google or maybe facebook and gave my few pennies on how decent the service was not knowing what lies ahead.

The damage? $29.71 plus $2.00 tips equals to 31.71 or so I thought. My Yobo (my Korean thanks to the K-Dramas), honey in English, questioned a charge of $0.99, but I told her, maybe they charged us for the creamer for our coffee. Hahaha. I felt like an idiot now for thinking that a restaurant would actually charge someone for creamers. But then who knows. The economy is not doing really well. Hehehe.

After cleaning up all that egg and some kind of meat, I walked up to the counter and handed the receipt to a dude that took the receipt and scanned it a few times but the machine kept on spitting out error messages that the receipt has been paid for. Seeing what’s going on and the confused face of this dude, I asked him if they do charge us for the creamers. He leaned forward and said no. He told me that the receipt was not mine. It was for some couple that had left earlier and the $0.99 was actually for a kids meal. Dangit! You morons. I was so mad then knowing that I was about to pay for someone else’s meal. Lucky I came up to pay for mine after the couple had left.

The dude printed out a new receipt with a total damage of $24.75, much better. This time, I added no tips because I didn’t think the server deserves it. I had to ask a different waitress for more coffee cuz my server was no where to be found. I rated this place decent too early. It could have been rated Bad for service. The food was decent though so I might as well leave it at that.

The next 30 or so minutes, I found myself on 99 North heading to Alkai Beach. Not sure what happened, I ended up in Downtown Seattle so I went with that and headed for the Pike’s Place (PP)-an awesome attraction for visitors to the beautiful Downtown Seattle. This is probably my 5th visit to the place. It has everything you can look for in a Market place. It’s more than your usual Saturday Market though. It’s famous for the guys throwing fishes around. Hehehe.

I would recommend you visit PP in the morning as it seems to be really crowded during the midday and afternoons. Today, there were tons of Seahawks fan everywhere as they converge here for the afternoon home game against the Bucs. I posted photos of my visit on the PhotosBlog page, so please head over there and enjoy the view.

Be prepared some change for your parking fee. The fee ranges from $3 to about $10 for the first 30 minutes. Of course, the closer the parking is, the more expensive it gets. It’s hard to find parkings on weekdays, so plan for a weekend stopover.

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